Lynzy and Casey’s Urban Banksy Engagement Shoot


Before heading out to embark on their next big adventure through Western Europe, Lynzy and Casey made a pit stop in New York City to capture their post-engagement glow through the lens of BAM Weddings — and the images are as stunningly artistic as they come. Shot at the Carlton Arms Hotel where renowned graffiti artist Banksy was once rumored to reside, their engagement photos feature insanely creative, evocative backdrops. Each hotel room offers up it’s own unique, metropolitan flair. For our avid travelers, nothing could be more perfect than taking a moment to celebrate their love surrounded by passion-infused art.


Registering? There’s an App for That!

target-wedding-registry-be-yourself-together-eventBuilding a wedding registry sounds like fun (who doesn’t love presents?!) but when you find yourself in the position, it can be a bit overwhelming. As I navigate registry territory, I’m asking myself questions like “But we’ve already built a home together, what more do we need?” “Should I register for the traditional china even though we’re not a fancy couple?” “Or should I go totally obscure and register for, like, a tent?” and “What would be easiest for all my small town family and friends?”

Cue anxiety.

Truly, I’ve been dreading it. And after procrastinating for weeks — okay, more like months – it was as if the stars aligned when Love Inc. was invited to attend Target‘s #BeYourselfTogether registry event where I received a sneak peek at their new mobile app that lets you register straight from your phone. Or, if you’re in the store, you can scan items (from your phone!!) and they’ll drop directly into your virtual wish list. Y’all, the future has arrived. (more…)

‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Season 19 Episode 4: “I Have No Feelings”

the-bachelor-week-four-recapWelcome to week four of The Bachelor, where natural selection separates the weak-willed from the engagement-minded in order to place our Elite Eight. We’re already halfway through this season, which gives me the sads but also, I need a little bit of a break from these wackos. Episode four took some real twists and turns for me and ended in heartbreak. Not for Chris, though, for me. Let’s recap! (more…)

Sarah and Mikio’s Oceanside Engagement Session


The Massachusetts couple headed up to the Landing in Marblehead for their laid-back, beachside engagement session with Mass staples of dockside drinks and oysters. If the pictures from Deborah Zoe Photography show anything at all (besides gorgeous scenery), it’s how much they truly enjoy just being in each other’s presence. (more…)

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