Kai and Alisha’s Foreign Cinema San Francisco Wedding


By celebrating at the quintessential San Francisco restaurant Foreign Cinema, Kai and Alisha were able to bring their modern-glam dinner party vision to life with the help of Jubilee Lau Events. Their mantra “I Choose You” was sprinkled throughout the day’s details and Jerry Yoon Phographers flawlessly captured Kai and Alisha’s love through every facet of their lives including family, friends, food and wine.


Kari and Eamon’s Creative Cooking School Wedding

Jenny Storment Photography

If there is anything that Kari and Eamon emanate through their wedding photos taken by Jenny Storment Photography, it is that they bring out the best in each other. Kari and Eamon tied the knot at Bhy Kracke Park with the backdrop of Puget Sound and Seattle followed by a cooking school reception (with, of course, a killer menu!). This is one of those weddings where you can see how much heart and soul the couple put into it, from the handcrafted details to the carefully written ceremony, and the results are absolutely inspiring.


Bradley and Trevor’s Predestined New Jersey Wedding


Well, if there is anything to attest to the fact that true love and soul mates definitely exist, it is the love story of Bradley and Trevor. Leslie Barbaro Photography had the privilege of capturing this beloved, glowing couple’s moments when they tied the knot on October 12, 2014 — and we couldn’t be happier for them. For ten years, Trevor was convinced that Bradley was forever “destined to be the man that got away” but fate had something else in store. The end result (and beginning of their happily ever after) was a day that perfectly illustrated this charismatic couple. And their hilarious recount of it will leave you laughing.

Bradley and Trevor’s long, inspirational journey further instills in our hearts that timeless proverb: All good things (or great love) come to those who wait.


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