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    Chris and Michelle’s Downtown Boston Engagement

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    Keep It Local: 5 Ideas for a Locally Sourced Wedding

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    What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

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Diamonds: Preface to Purchasing

rony-talks-logoDiamonds are one of life’s luxuries that we crave and desire to own and wear. In past generations, only royalty adorned diamonds on their crowns and clothing. Though we have come a long way in cutting and enhancing a diamond’s beauty from the first diamonds used in jewelry, they are still considered a rarity and an expensive purchase.

This upcoming five-part series is intended to educate not only why diamonds are so valuable, but how they get graded and what to look for to ease their cost on our wallet. These facts are important to know when shopping for, or caring for, your diamond. (more…)

Natalie and Meagan’s Intimate Seattle Ferry Ceremony and Arizona Reception


With the Pacific Northwest winds blowing their hair and the Seattle skyline as their backdrop, Arizona-based couple Natalie and Meagan exchanged vows on the very spot Natalie had proposed months earlier. Their intimate ferry ceremony in front of 10 of their closest loved ones was filled with color, love and laughter. Once they returned to their home city of Flagstaff, Ariz., they celebrated with a casual yet classic reception at one of their favorite downtown restaurants. (more…)

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