The Bachelor, Season 20 Episode 6 Recap: BahaMANIA

the-bachelor-bahamasSometimes I think The Bachelor would be way better if it was modeled after the WWE. Same level of drama and flash but more violence. I’d kill to see a true Olivia-Emily smackdown. You just know Emily would enter the ring to T-Swift’s “Bad Blood.” I’d place money on it. Anyway, welcome back to week 6 of The Bachelor, or as I like to call it, Ben Higgins featuring His Crazy Side Pieces. If you’ll recall, last week we ended things pre-rose ceremony as tensions in the house came to a head and Ben pulled Olivia aside for a quick pre-ceremony chat.


10 Beautiful Gender-Neutral Songs for Your Processional

gender-neutral-processional-wedding-songsEveryone knows the tune by heart. The first four notes of the wedding march elicit visions of cream-colored dresses floating down an aisle dusted with fresh rose petals. But these days, soonlyweds are ditching that old track for an updated, all-inclusive melody to accompany their walk down the aisle.

Whether you’re looking for a pop song with colorful lyrics that define your relationship or a slower instrumental that soaks up all the emotion of your big day, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 gender-expansive songs to walk down the aisle to:


Thanks Mother Nature! How to Handle Winter Wedding Disasters

Winter_Stylized_Shoot_Eldie_Photography-100If #SnowStormJonas gave us anything positive, it was a reality check that winter weddings can be risky. But with big risk comes big reward, right? 

Winter weddings warm our hearts, but when a blizzard trots into town on the weekend of your ceremony, there’s not much you can do about it. But that isn’t to say you can’t do anything to be prepared.


The Bachelor Season 20, Episode 5 Recap: Viva México

the-bachelor-mexicoWelcome to February, also known as the month of ~ true love ~… and the month where, I assume, most breakups spike right before Valentine’s Day. Natch, this season of The Bachelor is starting to ramp up the crazy (what, you thought we hit our ceiling before?). Tonight, the gang goes to Mexico and things truly get escándalo. If you were too busy being politically-minded, I salute you, because I spent my entire night laser-focused on Ben… although, let’s be real, the Iowa caucuses are probably going to end up just as dramatic as the adventures of Ben Higgins. Let’s recap!


Jeff and Rem’s Ultimate New York City Honeymoon


For self-proclaimed Broadway nerds Jeff and Rem, there’s no place in the world that could top New York City. The newlyweds traveled to the Big Apple just days after their wedding and began an adventure that was packed with all of the New York must-sees: museums, the Empire State Building, dinners and Broadway shows (natch).

Not to mention, their fall wedding date had them visiting during one of the most perfect times of year and they took advantage of the autumn colors in Central Park with Flytographer capturing some oh-so-sweet photos. (more…)

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