15 #HomeToVote Photos from Ireland’s Gay Marriage Polls that Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Ireland is gearing up to be the 19th country to legalize same-sex marriage. Today, approximately three million voters are flocking to the polls to cast their ballots. If victorious, this will mark the first history for gay marriage by nationwide referendum.

Despite the country’s heavy Catholic influence, spirits are high for the government-backed amendment. Irish citizens from all over the world are traveling home to cast their vote and spreading the love on social media with hashtags #HomeToVote and, for those in neighboring Britain, #GetTheBoatToVote. And let me tell ya, it’s giving some major feels.

Seeing expats literally traveling across the world to place their vote for equality is nothing short of inspiring and just perusing the social media feeds brings tears to my eyes (and kind of makes me wish I was Irish). It’s powerful seeing a country come together to fight for equality. Here are some of our favorites:



7 White Designer Dresses to Rent for Your Bachelorette Party

I’ve got bachelorette parties on the brain, y’all. My own is coming up in just one week (!!!!!) and I’m realizing that I have zero white in my closet. Of course, you want to feel like a bride on your special weekend, ideally in some designer duds, which is why I’m turning to my longtime obsession Rent the Runway. Let’s go shopping for a little white dress, shall we?



Interactive Eats: 5 Reception Food Ideas That Will Wow

Think a three-course meal is fancy? The latest reception food trend is cuisine that’s served with entertainment flair thanks to caterers who will interact with, and impress, party guests. Whether you intend on serving unique, gourmet delicacies or a more traditional menu, there are interactive reception ideas that range from freshly shucked seafood to hand-torched treats.

interactive-eats-wedding-reception-ideas-oysters-xo (more…)

Sarah and David’s Dupont Circle Engagement Shoot


The happiest moments in a relationship are often the simplest, and Hay Alexandra Photography hit the nail on the head with the spot-on portrayal of this adorable couple in their everyday lives. “Throughout dating, I would say ‘I love doing life with you’ when we would be checking out at the grocery store, at the dry cleaners or leaving someone’s house after dinner,” Sarah shares with us. “It means more than ‘I love you’ — it means ‘I love my life with you.'” These engagement photos taken in Dupont Circle not only capture the pure love that Sarah and David have for taking what they call “urban hikes” around their city at places like Glen’s Market and Krammer Books, but beautifully depict them “doing life” together.


‘The Bachelorette’ Season 11, Episode 2 Recap: Who Is The Bachelorette?

who-is-the-bacheloretteWhen I was in college, I majored in personal communication and conducted a LOT of relationship research for my senior thesis, which was a case study on how people communicate after they break up. That’s probably why I love this show so much. Anyway, I’m starting to think that I should go back into research and analyze the way these people relate to each other throughout the show. An entire Bachelor(ette) case study! My first action: rewatching last season and counting every single time Chris Soules made out with someone and comparing it to Kaitlyn’s makeout percentage per episode. This could get real scientific real soon. You heard it here first!

Anyway, you guys. I forgot how labor intensive watching The Bachelorette is after about three months’ downtime. I spent the majority of this episode wanting to slap these dudes for continually forgetting that they were on TV. You’d think that would be borderline impossible to forget considering, you know, the film crews, but here we are. Anyway, if you were wondering, Kaitlyn is the new Bachelorette! Chris Harrison wasted zero time in kicking Britt out of the house. Bye, girl, bye. Let’s recap! (more…)

‘The Bachelorette’ Season 11, Episode 1 Recap: Fireball On The Rocks

the-bachelorette-season-11-premiereHello everyone, and welcome back to The Bachelor(ette) recaps! I missed you guys! I’m super excited to be recapping season 11 of The Bachelorette for many reasons, including but not limited to: making fun of Chris Harrison, making fun of the contestants and counting up how drunk everyone gets each episode. If tonight’s premiere was any indication, we are in for a wild ride this season. How could we not be, with Britt and Kaitlyn back on our TV screens? The lovely ladies of Chris Soules’ Bachelor season are looking for love once again in the most backwards way possible — one of the most infamous reality shows on network TV. Hey – even Scott Foley is watching this season, and if Captain Jake Ballard supports it, we’re all in. (FYI, according to Us Weekly, he’s Team Kaitlyn). We’ve got gimmicks, drama and trash talking galore … so if you’re ready, let’s recap the very first episode of season 11!


Modern and Masculine Boardwalk Empire-Inspired Wedding Shoot


Gold, glitz and glam reigned the 1920s, making it the perfect decade to draw inspiration from when it comes to wedding decor. A talented team of Canadian wedding vendors, comprised of A Day to Remember Weddings & Events, Fiorire floral design, Cake by Nicole, Bean Cards and Stationery and Red Carpet Ready by Christina, were inspired specifically by “Boardwalk Empire,” using a handsome color palette of rich marsala, soft peach and lush greens, and playing with a variety of textures. And lucky for us, Edward Lai Photography was there to capture all of the details.  (more…)

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