Best Beauty Picks for Summer 2015

Now that warmer weather is officially here to stay, it’s time to up your beauty arsenal accordingly. Summer here in New York City can be summed up in one word: sticky. The humidity sits in the air causing your makeup to melt off your face … or is that just me? Your heavy winter moisturizers and foundations just won’t cut it anymore, and it’s time to stow that bottle of Essie’s Wicked in the back of your closet for faraway cooler months. The newest products for summer 2015 are fun, flirty and created with the temperature in mind. We’ve pulled our favorites from the virtual shelves, from barely there foundation to a summer palette of polishes. Check out our picks after the jump.  (more…)

Heather and Brian’s Speakeasy-Style Industrial Wedding


Everything about Heather and Brian’s special day exudes an “effortless cool” in the best way possible. Their stunning wedding photos, taken by the talented Zorz Studios, dramatically and artistically depict every memorable facet of their celebration, from the vintage, speakeasy-inspired decor of Brooklyn‘s Green Building, to passionate tears flowing during the ceremony to friends and loved ones tearing it up on the dance floor. For this gorgeous couple, their wedding day was infused with both sentimentality, fierce celebration and everything in between.


How to Feel Amazing in Engagement Photos

how-to-look-great-for-engagement-photosThe months leading up to your wedding are full of excitement, celebration … and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Between your engagement party, bachelor/ette parties, showers and engagement session, your face is in front of cameras — whether it’s amateur or professional lenses — a LOT.

And for those of us who aren’t completely satisfied with the way we look, the thought of having our picture taken can be downright anxiety-inducing. I’m currently going through this, so I know the last thing you want to hear is, “But you’re beautiful and so in love — that will glow in the photos.” Screw that. Unless my love can drop me 20 pounds, I don’t want to hear it. (more…)

‘The Bachelorette’ Season 11, Episode 3: This Isn’t Church Camp

amy-schumer-the-bacheloretteEvery week that this show is on, the more I remember why I love it. Sometimes the seasons take awhile to get going with the drama — it definitely did last season, although I was not for want of crying, lying and scheming — but this season is not like the others in that regard. We are only at week two and already guns are ablazing with problematic contestants. We’ve got a lot to cover from tonight’s episode, so let’s recap! (more…)

15 #HomeToVote Photos from Ireland’s Gay Marriage Polls that Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Ireland is gearing up to be the 19th country to legalize same-sex marriage. Today, approximately three million voters are flocking to the polls to cast their ballots. If victorious, this will mark the first history for gay marriage by nationwide referendum.

Despite the country’s heavy Catholic influence, spirits are high for the government-backed amendment. Irish citizens from all over the world are traveling home to cast their vote and spreading the love on social media with hashtags #HomeToVote and, for those in neighboring Britain, #GetTheBoatToVote. And let me tell ya, it’s giving some major feels.

Seeing expats literally traveling across the world to place their vote for equality is nothing short of inspiring and just perusing the social media feeds brings tears to my eyes (and kind of makes me wish I was Irish). It’s powerful seeing a country come together to fight for equality. Here are some of our favorites:



7 White Designer Dresses to Rent for Your Bachelorette Party

I’ve got bachelorette parties on the brain, y’all. My own is coming up in just one week (!!!!!) and I’m realizing that I have zero white in my closet. Of course, you want to feel like a bride on your special weekend, ideally in some designer duds, which is why I’m turning to my longtime obsession Rent the Runway. Let’s go shopping for a little white dress, shall we?



Interactive Eats: 5 Reception Food Ideas That Will Wow

Think a three-course meal is fancy? The latest reception food trend is cuisine that’s served with entertainment flair thanks to caterers who will interact with, and impress, party guests. Whether you intend on serving unique, gourmet delicacies or a more traditional menu, there are interactive reception ideas that range from freshly shucked seafood to hand-torched treats.

interactive-eats-wedding-reception-ideas-oysters-xo (more…)

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