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    Giulia and Claudio’s Romantic Italian Wedding

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    Alpha and Win’s Symbolic San Francisco Engagement Session

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    Boot Camp: 8 Wedding-Worthy Rain Boots

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A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner (Plus a Keurig Giveaway!)

Now that you’re immersed into the wide world of weddings, I’m sure you’ve been exposed to the career of the wedding planner/designer. An equally creative and organized breed, they have what seems to be the best job ever—planning parties. However cake, confetti and Champagne are a just a small taste of the typical day-to-day, which reads more like meetings, emails and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

So partnering with Keurig, we went behind-the-scenes with one of our favorite event planning and design teams, D.C.- and Detroit-based Something Fabulous, for a sneak peek of what it takes to be a wedding planner, captured by the talented Laurie Bracewell. Spoiler alert: it’s not for the faint of heart. (more…)

Elena and Lindsey’s Brooklyn Engagement Shoot by Alexis June Weddings

There’s an adage that says rules are meant to be broken—and that fits Elena and Lindsey perfectly. The Brooklyn couple, once in a boss-employee relationship, broke that rule to be together. After a blissful one-year romance, Lindsey broke Elena’s staunch “no engagement” rule, and now, they are on their way to happily ever after.

For their engagement shoot, they strolled through their Brooklyn neighborhood as Alexis June Weddings documented their love with her lens. Slow dances in front of bold, colorful graffiti backdrops, light-filled kisses on “their” bench and Champagne toasts are just the icing on the cake for this session that proves one thing is for certain—sometimes it’s okay to break the rules.


Friends as Wedding Vendors: Yay or Nay?


If your close friends are talented photographers or graphic designers or florists or pastry chefs or cooks, it can be tempting to recruit them to help plan and stage your wedding. In my experience so far, navigating (and keeping!) these relationships alive until and after your big day can be more difficult.

At this point, Adam and I are about a year away from tying the knot (read about our Doctor Who proposal here!). We already have an acceptable number of things planned and have a good idea of what we want for everything else. One of the biggest things holding us back from committing to the rest is that our many talented friends have offered their services. (more…)

Checking In: Facebook Ranks Honeymoon Destination Hotspots


If you were to guess the most popular honeymoon destination in the United States, which would it be? Every person reading this probably just said, “Hawaii,” and you’re right — kind of. It seems like everyone’s parents went to Hawaii for their honeymoons, and the trend continues to this day … but the Aloha state is not the top destination in the country. While Hawaii claims the most spots on the top ten list, they lost the number one spot to Las Vegas. Are you as shocked as we were? The Facebook Data Team recently ran a case study on the top honeymoon destinations of Facebook users via the check-in option, and Hawaii dominates as one of the most popular destinations for both domestic and international travelers. We recently blogged about a couple, Chris and Danny, who had a destination wedding in Maui — but there are so many other places Facebook has noted that people are flocking to for their honeymoons! A quick rundown of Facebook’s data shows us the top destinations in Hawaii, the United States, and the rest of the world; Facebook tells us that the study was done “based on couples on Facebook who both posted a marriage event in 2014 and checked into a location within two weeks of their marriage date.” (more…)

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