6 Heartwarming Double Proposals That Will Give You All the Feels

Proposal season is upon us! And just the thought of blissfully happy people making secret plans with their friends and family to get down on one knee with a watch or hide a ring in a holiday gift as the ultimate act of love brings tears to our eyes. If it doesn’t have the same effect on you, just wait until you see these six proposal videos where — surprise! — one proposal turns into two.

From a trip to the Tennessee zoo and a Disney vacation to a clever game of Pictionary and a restaurant ruse, a these soonlyweds were perfectly in tune, and they didn't even realize it until both rings had been revealed.

Sarah and Victoria

When we featured Sarah and Victoria's engagement shoot earlier this year, they told us all about how Sarah sneakily asked Victoria to marry her with a dessert menu at Tavern on the Green. Meanwhile, Victoria was prepared with a ring of her own, waiting for the moment when she could say, “only if you'll marry me,” to Sarah's first question.

Tori and Berkley

Double proposal playing Pictionary 😭 so amazing & I’m so happy for you 2💖 this was so perfect 😭😍 @BerkleyCade@Toorriiiiiiiiiipic.twitter.com/uG7R5UIQNm

— Sydney (@33_Syd) February 11, 2018

An excited mother-of-the-bride-to-be sneakily orchestrated this double proposal over a game of Pictionary, and the end game is epic.

Shane and Adam

Adam arrived at a French cafe expecting to attend a private event but instead found Shane surrounded by candlelight with a ring in his hand. After he said yes, Adam expedited his own plan to propose in the coming weeks and decided it was the perfect time to ask Shane the same question.

Becky and Jessa

Becky didn't get quite the reaction she was expecting when she got down on one knee to ask Jessa to marry her. Instead of a yes, she watched as Jessa frantically went in search of her purse, revealing a ring box she had been hiding to ask Becky to marry her later on that same day.

Kasey and Jesse


— jesse (@virgoprincxss) August 20, 2018

When Kasey didn't immediately say yes, Jesse was concerned she had made a big mistake by popping the question. But his hesitation soon became clear, as clear as the diamond he had hiding in his backpack!

Jessica and Chelsey

The best part of this proposal isn't when you see the unsuspecting bride-to-be flip right past the page where Chelsey has asked her to marry her; it's the moment when Jessica pulls a ring out of her purse to reveal she had been planning to ask Chelsey the same question all along.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Double Marriage Proposals

What is a double proposal?

A double proposal is when both partners in a couple propose to each other at the same time. This can be a surprise for both partners, or it can be planned ahead of time as a way to show mutual commitment and love.

Are double proposals common?

Double proposals are becoming more common as society becomes more accepting of same-sex relationships and non-traditional gender roles. However, they are still relatively rare compared to traditional proposals where one partner proposes to the other.

What are some heartwarming double proposal stories?

There are many heartwarming double proposal stories, such as couples who proposed to each other at the same time during a romantic vacation, couples who proposed to each other in front of family and friends, and couples who proposed to each other with matching engagement rings. Some double proposals are planned ahead of time, while others are spontaneous and unplanned.

How can I plan a double proposal?

If you're interested in planning a double proposal, start by talking to your partner about your intentions and feelings. Discuss whether you want to plan the proposal together or surprise each other. Think about a special location or activity that would be meaningful to both of you, and consider incorporating elements that reflect your relationship, such as a special song or a sentimental item.

What are the benefits of a double proposal?

A double proposal can be a meaningful way to show mutual love and commitment in a relationship. It can also help to break down traditional gender roles and expectations around proposals. Additionally, a double proposal can be a fun and unique way to celebrate your relationship and create a memorable moment that you'll both cherish forever.

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