Double LGBTQ Proposal Biltmore Estate

Double Proposal at Biltmore Estate

“You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing a double surprise proposal and it was oh so amazing!!” mentions photographer Jessica Merithew Photography.

It was a cool day when Shayna and Lauren walked along a pre-chosen path at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. During that walk, Lauren dropped to one knee surprising Shayna. Shocked but excited, Shayna happily said yes and the two embraced one another for a moment until it was Shayna’s turn to sweep Lauren off her feet.

“All of a sudden Shayna quickly walked to her father who was standing right behind me and asked for the item in his pocket. He took it out, handed it to Shayna, and she walked right back to Lauren. Shayna immediately dropped down on her knee asked Lauren to marry her, too! It was so unbelievable! My stomach had butterflies. It was so amazing!” shares their photographer.

Upon the exchange of hugs, tears, and smiles they connected back with Jessica; each of them telling the back story of their preparation for this moment. They then walked around the grounds of the estate for a sweet engagement session.

The happiness of the day had Jessica in her feelings. Perhaps because she manifested the moment without even knowing it.

 “I had a feeling that a double proposal could happen. Of course I shrugged it off because what are the chances? Then, it happened!!”


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Photography: Jessica Merithew Photography

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