Same Sex Luggage Tags for Your Honeymoon

9 Same-Sex Luggage Tags for Your Honeymoon Travel

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

People love hearing when someone's on their honeymoon, so make it easy to spread the good news with honeymoon luggage tags! We've rounded up nine chic luggage tags to show off your newlywed status … and hey, they may even help you get some free travel upgrades! Bon voyage!


Top left, clockwise:

Personalized Mr. And Mr. Mustache Luggage Tag: This would make a great gift for your favorite newlyweds! Personalize this black and pink mustache tag with the grooms' names. Available on for $12.25

Matching His & His Leather Luggage Tags: These thoughtful and beautiful soft leather hand burnished luggage tags will make an awesome gift for the newly married couple. Available on for $70

Mrs. And Mrs. Heart Luggage Tag: This double-sided luggage tag proudly boasts Mrs. and Mrs. in black script that is connected by a heart. Available on for $11.45

Hers And Hers Matching Luggage Tags: These laser engraved leather luggage tags in black and white are the perfect gift for the newly married couple's travel adventures. Available on for $19.99 

 Personalized Traveling Leather Luggage Tags: This set of two personalized leather luggage tags is hand-cut, hand-stamped and dyed to your color choice. Comes with address sleeve and a privacy flap. Makes an elegant and thoughtful gift. Available on for $45

Honeymoon Two Grooms Luggage Tag: Made to resemble a tuxedo, this fun luggage tag can be personalized with the grooms' names on the front and the wedding date on the back. Available on for $13.90

Mrs. And Mrs. Two Brides Luggage Tags: This white Mrs. And Mrs. tag can be personalized with the surname of the brides. A sweet gift for the newlyweds! Available on for $13.40

We Do Groom Luggage Tag: Let everyone know that you are officially married with this cute “We do!” luggage tag featuring two grooms in tuxedos. Available on for $13.99

Boy Meets Boy Luggage Tag: Made of durable acrylic, this luggage tag features two grooms walking hand in hand. This tag can be personalized and is printed on both sides. Available on for $12.05 

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