Facetime Photo Shoot

My Virtual FaceTime Expecting Photoshoot During the Pandemic

I'm excited to officially share the news that I'm expecting twins this summer! As this is my last pregnancy, I wanted to make sure to have it professionally documented. I skipped expecting photos with my first pregnancy because I was struggling so severely with hyperemesis gravidarum, but for this one, I vowed to power through, even if I was sick. And then the pandemic hit. 

Being pregnant during a pandemic has been interesting to say the least. Not having my partner with me to attend doctor appointments, having a constant worry about what the labor and delivery situation was going to be like at the hospital, not being able to just run to the store to get ice cream when a craving hits (I know, first world problems, but those cravings are no joke!), and trying to juggle working from home while chasing a toddler has made this a very different pregnancy experience than my first. And, no expecting photos. 

But as we've seen with many businesses during these extreme circumstances, people pivot. And luckily, some amazing photographers are offering virtual FaceTime photo shoots, and I reached out to Evangeline Lane Photography for mine. While it’s definitely different than what I had imagined my expecting shoot would be like pre-COVID, I love that it captures the unprecedented time we’re all living in right now. 

My husband held up the phone and she directed both him and I as we FaceTimed her from the safety of our home, and she took screenshots. She then edited them, working with the low resolution to give it a grainy vintage film vibe, which I love. Sadly, because of the low resolution, I'm unable to print them out, but I'm so happy to have this time in my life documented. If you're engaged, expecting, or just want to have your love captured during this very strange time, I highly recommend FaceTime photo sessions

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