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Wedding DJs Are Now Spinning on Social Media (and Why You Should Be Watching!)

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Weddings and parties may be on hold right now, but that won’t stop the music. DJs are adapting to the current climate by taking their talents online and it’s turning out to be quite the party at home. From spinning live on Instagram to DJing Zoom parties, entertainers are finding a way to spice things up, and booking future weddings in the process.

“Now is the perfect time to be able to do things virtually” shares DJ Brian B, NYC-based destination event DJ who hosts live stream sessions several times a week. “From watching a DJ livestream to setting up a meet-and-greet on Zoom, you can actually do all the things you’d normally do in-person from the comfort of your own home. I see this as a win/win for all.  I’m hoping more couples embrace this.”

For couples currently planning a wedding, DJ livestreams are the perfect way to do research on who you want to hire for your big day. Whose videos makes you start moving along to the beat, even when you’re sprawled out on the couch?  What DJ is playing music that makes you stop and think wow I forgot how much I loved that song? Are the DJs you’re following getting a lot of positive feedback in the comments? Being able to bring the party to viewers’ living rooms can translate well into getting guests to the dance floor when it’s safe to do so in the future.

A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring Your Wedding Band or DJ

“If your wedding is in 2020 or 2021 — book your vendors ASAP!” advises Kristin Wilson, founder of Our DJ Rocks who goes live to provide Backstage Pass performances and planning advice. “Since we have had to postpone so many weddings and events to fall and spring, we are definitely booking up quickly. Many people who were supposed to get married in March or April this year, are postponing to March or April next year. Which means those dates are filling up quicker than they usually would. On average, most of our couples book us 6-8 months out from their wedding. However, now we would recommend booking a year out to secure your date.”

Not everyone is waiting to tie the knot until event regulations are lifted and having an at-home wedding with your friends and family virtually attending does not mean you have to miss out on the entertainment portion of the reception. Hiring a DJ for your virtual wedding or event is becoming a growing trend, and one that will give your guests a unique, up-close experience.

“A few viewers have said it’s like getting VIP access to the DJ booth,” shares DJ Brian B. “At normal events, they aren’t really paying attention to all that I’m doing as a DJ … they’re in the moment as they should be. With [livestreams] people are looking at you only so it can really expose you for better or for worse.”

If you are hiring an entertainer for your virtual event, remember to be respectful when discussing the price. Just like any other wedding professional, entertainers are working hard to provide you a service in addition to adapting technology to meet your virtual needs. Just because guests are not there to enjoy the music in-person does not mean your DJ is putting in any less work or that having a virtual event should be a major financial deal. It’s important now, more than ever, to fairly compensate your vendors.

DJs aren’t the only ones using quarantine to virtually showcase their talents. If you’re looking to hire a band for your wedding, use quarantine as a time to watch videos of their wedding and concert performances. Bands aren’t currently able to perform together as a group the way they would at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that some aren’t getting creative with ways to bring new performances to you from the comfort of home. Head to social media and follow entertainers you’re considering contracting for your big day to see what they’re sharing, like On the Move Entertainment whose musicians have teamed up to record IGTV videos of virtual group performances from home.

Hiring wedding vendors during COVID-19 is not what any engaged couple expected to be doing right now, but it doesn’t mean the planning should stop.

“You want to choose an entertainment company that is purposefully making themselves accessible to you,” recommends Wilson. “Picking wedding entertainment is hard enough as it is, and now you can’t even meet in person. Set up Zoom calls so you can chat with them and still see their faces. Watch their YouTube videos to see their energy and style. Read their reviews and make sure you’re picking someone you can trust. Check their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest! We are living in a totally virtual world right now, and you can tell a lot about a company based on their online presence.”

Written by Emily Rochotte


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