Gay Dads Family Session

A Sweet Day-in-the-Life Family Session

It took two years for Grant and Miguel to find a surrogate, but they wouldn't have had it any other way. “We found our lucky angel who has turned into a lifelong friend. We are so very grateful,” the proud fathers say.

The couple always knew they wanted to have a family, from the very first date in fact. “We have always wanted to be parents and it was a topic of conversation on our first date. It was just a matter of putting all of the pieces in place and being patient.”

Those pieces finally fell into place, and they welcomed their son, Jasper, who is already a very energetic, spirited child. “

“As a same-sex couple, having children is a challenge. You have to jump through many hoops to make it happen. We were lucky to have a great support system and the financial resources, but many are not as fortunate. We continue to work towards a world where having a family is possible for anyone who has the love to give to a child. “He has ALL of the feelings and is incredibly compassionate and sensitive. He’s a true joy.”

To capture this special time in their lives, Jordan Lyall Photography came to their condo to capture real moments. “We’ve since moved to a new house with a backyard, but that home will always be Jasper’s first and hold a special place in our hearts.”

While they may be getting less sleep these days, their home is filled with love and smiles. “Becoming a parent is the greatest gift in the world, but it is also hard work. It puts a lot of stress on your relationships and you have to put in the time to communicate with the ones you love. But we wouldn’t change it for the world. Jasper is the great light in our lives.”



Photography: Jordan Lyall Photography