Alpaca Farm Expecting Shoot

Adorable Expecting Shoot on an Alpaca Farm

Being pregnant during the pandemic brings on a whole other level of emotions and challenges, so when it came time to take expecting photos for Ashley and Mack, their photographer Katy Kithcart knew she wanted to make it special for the first-time parents. 

“Mack wasn't able to come to my appointments with me so we definitely had to get creative with ways to include him in those moments. He drove me to every appointment and we were able to video call during ultrasounds which helped him feel involved while I still had my support person with me,” says Ashley, who gave birth to their sweet daughter Eliana just a few weeks after this shoot took place. 

Katy contacted a family that owned an alpaca farm to capture this special time in their lives and turns out, alpacas + cute baby bump is the formula for a successful expecting shoot! 

“We never dreamed of how we could love as deeply as we love our Eliana. Creating this whole person has been so special and we are continually shocked and grateful that she is our child,” says the new mom. “It's also been amazing watching each other step into the role as parent and seeing the bonds we are individually forming with Eliana. We couldn't be happier as a family of three.”

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Beauty: Ashley BT Beauty