Image for Sarah Jessica Parker Launches Kids Collection with Gap

Sarah Jessica Parker Launches Kids Collection with Gap

We all know Sarah Jessica Parker has a knack for design, but did you know she’s incredibly superstitious? They have a family tradition in their household to say “rabbit rabbit” at the first of every month, which is to be believed to bring good luck and, apparently, inspiration for a clothing collection. 

Just in time to stock your kid’s spring wardrobe, SJP has launched a collection with Gap that is filled with whimsical rabbit illustrations, floral patterns and spring prints that is made to celebrate love, luck and magic.

She was also inspired by her childhood and the hand-me-downs that she had growing up in a home with eight kids. “Creating this collection with Gap has been such a treat as a mother, as one of eight children, and as a reconnection with the brand,” says Parker. “I hope the pieces are cherished by the children who wear them, that items are passed down among generations, and that some great memories are created while wearing them.”

The designs, available in toddler and kids sizing, captures the nostalgia of passing along well-loved, storied pieces to family and friends, and, knowing the obscene amount of Gap hand-me-downs in my own daughter’s closet, I have no doubt that these pieces will be able to uphold that mission. 

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker's Launches Gap Kids Collection

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