Intimate Los Angeles Trans Wedding

Quintessential Los Angeles Wedding

This intimate wedding in the heart of Los Angeles comes with breathtaking photos, heartfelt moments and fantastic fashion.

Cadence and Ashley's love story is one of resilience, acceptance, and deep connection. With only 18 cherished guests, their wedding day was an intimate affair filled with personal touches and heartfelt moments.

Love List Photographer Trista Maja, who shared a special bond with the couple, played a pivotal role in orchestrating a beautiful celebration.

“Part of the very long story is that Cadence and myself met and fell in love in 2001 and in 2011 Cadence came out to me that she was trans and wanted to transition,” shares the photographer. “Fortunately, I'm Pansexual so it didn't bother me that much. There was a long road ahead for us where she and I became poly and got a boyfriend, then she got a girlfriend, Ashley. They told me in 2022 that they were getting married, and I was thrilled for them. I said that I'd help out in any way that I could, and I gave suggestions for this, that, and other things. In the end, they went with an elopement of sorts, just close friends and family with a short ceremony in Los Angeles.”

The wedding colors of black, cream, and accents of deep red set a sophisticated and romantic tone for the day. Against the backdrop of Los Angeles, a simple ceremony officiated by a dear friend unfolded.

“Beth Hart's My California was our entry song. as we are both transplants to L.A., Ashley from Baltimore, Cadence from Budapest. And the lyrics held the very feelings we shared of coming to a place we saw with such rose tinted glasses and with now the bittersweet taste of a place that has given us so many memories over the years, and one we both have come to know as our homes,” shares the couple.

The ceremony concluded with the glass-breaking ritual, borrowed from their Jewish heritage, symbolized the challenges they had overcome together and the strength of their bond.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds indulged in tacos, a quintessential Los Angeles experience, before embarking on a picturesque photo session. From the rainbow stairs in Echo Park to the serene Los Angeles State Park, Trista captured the essence of their love against iconic L.A. backdrops.

In addition to scouting the spots and taking photos, Trista designed Cadence and Ashley’s gorgeous bouquets. Each arrangement not only matched their personalities, but their dresses; Cadence donning black with Ashley in white.

“Cadence had a hell of a time finding a wedding dress, I had found an awesome black dress a few weeks before for an event. She saw it, loved it, and ordered her own,” recalls the photographer.

As for the date of the special occasion, there was meaning behind that too!

“Someone had posted online that it was Trans awareness week, I texted Cadence and asked her if that's why she picked that date and she just sent a winking emoji back.”


Wedding Vendors!

Photography: Trista Maja Photography

Venue: Albertson Wedding Chapel

Cake Design: Costco

Cape: Julie Harris Designs

Shoes: Converse

Hairstyling: Hair Chameleon

Makeup: Liz Rhodes

Reception Venue: Home Restaurant


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