Bach Party Invitations

Everything You Need to Know About Bach Party Invitations

Planning a bach party? First step, the invite!

Bach parties (bachelor and bachelorette parties for all genders) should be a blast. What makes parties absolutely crush it? When everyone you love is there. That's why bach bash invitations are one aspect of your wedding stationery that you shouldn't overlook. What is a bach party? Gone are the days when the bachelorette or bachelor party was an all-out binge celebrating one last night of “freedom.” Today, the bach party is about celebrating your friendships, the amazing folx who helped get you where you are today, and of course, having a blast doing so.

Who Organizes the Bach Party?

Traditionally, the person of honor is in charge of organizing a bach party. Traditionally, each individual had their own, but don't feel pressured to subscribe to any of those outdated conventions. You might consider:
      • A joint bach party: Get everyone together for a pre-wedding bash.
      • Swapsies: You might have two parties, swapping guests sometime in the evening.
      • A bach blowout vacation: How about a few days away somewhere special with all your nearest and dearest?
    Whatever you decide to do with your “I Do” crew, it's really up to you who you put in charge of the party organization. You may not even have a single, dedicated person of honor. If you do, as much as you love them, they may not be the best at party planning. If you want to organize your own bach party, go for it. You won't be the first and certainly won't be the last. If you've got someone lined up to take over all the planning, give them this guide to bach party invitations.

    What's on a Bach Party Invitation?

    Every bach party invite needs the following:
        • Name of the soonlywed
        • The date and time
        • The venue
        • Any special requirements, e.g., suitable clothing/accessories
        • How to RSVP and to whom
      You can also include an itinerary if it's appropriate. If you're simply going somewhere for food or drinks, that's probably not necessary but if you've got a few events planned throughout the day/night/weekend, it's nice to prepare guests beforehand. It's also useful to add any transport requirements. For example, let people know if you're booking a bus or car or about parking arrangements at a venue. Consider any accessibility requirements and add any details as necessary.

      Bach Party Invitation Styling

      Now it's time for the fun part — picking a style. If you're doing this on behalf of the soonlywed(s), you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You could pick a style based on where you're going or what you're doing. In our list of invites below, you'll see everything from nautical-themed invites for boat trips to nature-themed invites for camping weekends. However, you could just keep everything in line with the wedding aesthetic. If you're crafting the invites yourself, ensure you know the colors the soonlyweds are using and emulate those. Digital or physical: If time is short, you could opt for a digital invite. This is usually a file you edit using an app and then send via email or messaging service. You could even do both physical and digital invites to ensure that nobody gets missed. Bach, bachelorette, or bachelor party: What you call your last bash before marriage is up to you. However, if you've got a diverse crew of c coming, they'll appreciate the lean toward gender-neutral language. “Bach party” makes everyone feel included, as does “bachelorx party.” Here are some more inclusive party names:
          • Nearlywed Night Out
          • Almost Hitched Hangout
          • Pre-Party Party
          • Shower Shindig
          • Ring Fling
        You get the idea. Be creative and come up with your unique party moniker.

        Sealed with a Kiss (and a Stamp)

        Sending out bach party invitations requires neat handwriting and someone who knows how to calculate the correct amount of postage. Get a list of names and addresses before you get started — you'll save so much time and lower your stress levels by getting organized. Use the same formula for each envelope. For example, if you start using first names instead of titles, stick with that all the way through. If you're handwriting everything, let the ink dry before you start stacking envelopes. Finally, when you take them to be posted, put them in a waterproof bag in case it rains. The last thing you want is all that hard work getting drenched and soggy.

        Editor’s Picks: 15 Exciting Bach Party Invitations and Templates

        Pick one of these stunning bach party invite styles, or use them for inspiration if you're getting crafty.
        PRETTY IN PINK: Simple yet striking, this gorgeous pink Bach Bash invitation design is available printed with foil for a touch of razzle-dazzle. 20 for $1.36/each by Basic Invite
        Modern Mayhem: This painted brushstroke digital design is fully customizable and perfect for a more formal evening out. Send directly to inboxes and easily collect RSVPs through Greenvelope's platform. $19 for up to 20 people on Greenvelope
        One Last Hoedown: Step in line with this cowpoke-inspired bach party invite. It’s fully customizable and foil-pressed. 25 invites for $93 by Minted
        Dazed & Engay-ged: This 70s-inspired double-bach party invite sets a fun scene and has a matching itinerary to keep the stationery on-brand. $5.75 from Etsy
        Get Closer to Nature: If you’re planning a pre-nuptial stay in the great outdoors, these Camp Bach invites are perfect. $77 for 25 invites by Minted
        Give Your Guests a Laugh: This almost sweary bach party invite combines simplicity with humor. Order as a digital download and personalize it to suit you and your bach party crew. $12 from Etsy
        An Audience With the Queens: Get your royal party in order with this playing card inspired by the Queen of Hearts bachelorx bash invite. $77 for 25 by Minted
        Neon & Digital: If the entire crew is connected at all times, how about an entirely digital invite? Personalize this glowing, neon bach party invite design and send it by WhatsApp or email to your besties. $5.99 from Etsy
        Retro-Style Vacation Nostalgia: Personalize this colorful yet simple tropical-themed retro bach party invite. 25 cards for $77 by Minted
        Make Waves with a Coastal Themed Invite: Blue waves and flowing text make this double-sided bach party invite special — plus, it has space to add an entire trip itinerary. $8.13 download from Etsy
        Pre-Nuptial Nautical Fun: For more aquatic fun, this nautical-style bach party invite is ideal for boat trips, yacht parties or simply heading down to your favorite waterfront hotspot. $2.32 each by Basic Invite
        Get Groovy with a Disco Theme: Etsy seller ToriTextiles will personalize this disco ball-themed bachelorx bash invite any way you like. 5 for $15 from Etsy
        Minimalist Flamingo: Embrace your nature-loving glam side with this glitzy Final Flamingle invite. $38 for 10 from Etsy
        The Double Bachelor Party Invite: This fully customizable, digital download wedding stationery bundle includes a rainbow-themed invite for a couple's bach party as well as an itinerary template. $6.99 from Etsy
        Criminal Intent — to Party: Slightly intimidating yet fun, this gender-neutral, customizable bach party invite in black and white is a neat alternative to the many colorful options available. $10 from Etsy Written by Mabh Savage | Cover photo by Yuliia Auer


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