Postage for Wedding Invitations

How to Calculate Postage for Wedding Invitations (Plus, Cost-Saving Tips!)

Postage for wedding invitations is a lot more complicated than sending a basic letter. Follow these tips to help save and to avoid overpaying in postage.

While choosing the perfect style and wording is crucial for wedding invitations, determining the correct postage is equally important. After all, you wouldn't want all of that hard work (and money!) to get lost in the snail-mail void!

In the United States, the cost of mailing wedding invitations can vary based on several factors. We've pulled together tips to help you navigate this process (recommended reading before you purchase your wedding invites!):

Weighing and Measuring Your Invitation

The first step is to assemble a complete invitation package, including all inserts such as RSVP cards, maps, and any additional information you plan to send. Take this sample to your local post office and have it weighed. This step is VITAL because the weight of the invitation determines the postage cost. Remember, even a few extra grams can push your invitation into a higher postage bracket.

Size and Shape Matter

The United States Postal Service (USPS) charges more for non-standard envelope sizes and shapes. Standard rectangular envelopes usually incur the least expense. If your invitation is square, oversized, or irregularly shaped, it will likely require additional postage. This is due to the sorting process, as non-standard sizes cannot be processed through USPS’s automated machines and thus require hand-canceling.

Special Features May Incur Additional Costs

Embellishments such as wax seals, ribbons, or bulky decorations add to the charm of your invitation but can also add to the weight and thickness. These features might require hand-sorting, leading to extra charges. To avoid surprises, it’s a good idea to check with the post office if your decorated invitation needs additional postage.

Don't Forget the RSVP

Including return postage on your RSVP envelopes is a courtesy that ensures a smooth response process for your guests. Typically, a standard stamp is sufficient for these return envelopes, provided they adhere to the standard size and weight.

Keep Up-to-date with Postage Rates

Postage rates can fluctuate, so it’s crucial to check the most current rates. You can find this information on the USPS website or by visiting a local post office.

Custom Stamps for a Personal Touch

For couples looking to add a personalized touch, custom stamps are available. You can order these from the USPS or various third-party vendors. Custom stamps can feature your engagement photo, wedding date, or any other personalized design that complements your invitation.

Testing is Key

Before sending out all your invitations, mail a test invitation to yourself. This step ensures that your invitation arrives in good condition and that you’ve affixed the correct postage.

TIP: To keep RSVPs organized (because trust me, someone will forget to write their name on it!) create an Excel sheet of your guest list, and mark a tiny number on the back of each RSVP card that corresponds to each guest's spreadsheet line.

Considerations for Bulk Mailing

If you’re sending a large number of invitations, ask your post office about bulk mailing options. Bulk mailing can be cost-effective and efficient for large quantities.

Cost-Saving Tips for Wedding Invitation Postage

Saving on postage for wedding invitations in the U.S. can be crucial for couples looking to manage their wedding budget effectively. Here are some cost-saving tips:

  1. Choose Standard Sizes and Shapes: When selecting the size and shape of your wedding invitation, keep it to the standard envelope sizing.
  2. Limit the Weight and Bulk: Keep your invitation light and avoid bulky embellishments like ribbons, large bows, or heavy paper. Each additional ounce can increase the postage cost.
  3. Avoid Extra Layers and Inserts: Minimize the number of layers and inserts in your invitation. Each additional piece of paper adds to the weight.
  4. Print Postage-Saving Response Cards: Use postcards for your RSVPs. Postcard stamps are cheaper than standard letter stamps.
  5. Double-Check Postage Rates: Always verify the current postage rates on the USPS website. Rates can change, and being up-to-date will prevent overspending.
  6. Purchase Forever Stamps: If you buy Forever Stamps before a rate increase, you can save money as they are valid indefinitely, regardless of future rate hikes.
  7. Consider Digital RSVPs: To save on the cost of return postage for RSVP cards, consider using digital methods such as email or a wedding website.
  8. Order Custom Stamps in Bulk: If you’re purchasing custom stamps, buying in bulk can sometimes reduce the cost per stamp.
  9. Ask About Bulk Mailing Discounts: If you have a large number of invitations, inquire at your local post office about any available bulk mailing discounts.
  10. Shop Around for Deals: Compare prices from various online and local stationery stores. Sometimes online stores offer deals or lower prices than brick-and-mortar shops.

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