Boudoir Maternity Session

A Light and Airy Boudoir Expecting Session

Mother-to-be Vivian wanted something special for her expecting session so photographer Veronika Paluch Photography brought in florals and sheer fabrics to create a session that felt very feminine and empowering, and celebrated her growing belly. And with gorgeous golden hour late toward the end of their session, they had to step outside for some captures, and Vivian looked positively ethereal walking through the meadow holding her bump. boudoir-maternity-photos-1 boudoir-maternity-photos-17 boudoir-maternity-photos-3 boudoir-maternity-photos-2 boudoir-maternity-photos-15 boudoir-maternity-photos-16 boudoir-maternity-photos-14 boudoir-maternity-photos-5 boudoir-maternity-photos-12 boudoir-maternity-photos-13 boudoir-maternity-photos-10 boudoir-maternity-photos-8 boudoir-maternity-photos-11 boudoir-maternity-photos-7 boudoir-maternity-photos-9 boudoir-maternity-photos-6