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Karli and Ben’s Relaxed At-Home Family Session

On a quiet, sunny afternoon on the small farm where Karli and Ben are raising their three children, Sara Taplin Photography captured the toothy smiles, energetic giggles and cherished snuggles between a tight-knit family of five in this relaxed at-home family session. There are few things in life more precious than spending time together as a family, and we love the way this heartfelt photo session commemorates that very idea. Between playing with toys in 4-year-old Nola and 2-year-old Remyā€™s room and reading books with dad to loving on their new baby sister, Faryn, these photos capture the essence of the joyful and chaotic times of life with little ones. 

at home family photos
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at home family photos
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The Family Story

Both Karli and Ben grew up with siblings and knew they wanted kids of their own one day. Not long after the arrival of their firstborn, they got the joyous news that their family would be expanding by one, and suddenly the 600-square foot home the family of three had been living in was far too small. At seven months pregnant, they made the decision to move to a quiet farm, which has become the perfect place to raise their children. ā€œOur older two are both active, smart and strong,ā€ Karli says. ā€œBeing on the farm is a great way for them to evolve their characters as they are constantly finding interesting things to do.ā€

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newborn photo session
newborn photography session
at home family photos
newborn photo session
at home family photos
newborn photography
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The Changes

Throughout the 11 years that Karli and Ben have been together, their lives have changed dramatically. From the tiny one-bedroom home they first lived in together to the farm where they now live, it's a constant battle to juggle three little ones in addition to time with each other. “We don't get out much, but on the plus side, when we do get out as a couple, we really value our time away and appreciate one another that much more,” Karli says. “We do find it extremely challenging balancing young children, full time jobs, community involvements and household and farm chores. We try to live as minimally as possible and let go of feeling like we need to keep up with modern culture.” 

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at home family session
family session with young kids
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