Wearable Florals for Weddings

Floral Fashion: Tips for Wearing Flowers as Accessories

Experts weigh in on best blooms — and how to care for them! — if you want to wear flowers on your wedding day.

Fresh blooms make a sartorial statement as accessory options. Downside? Flowers can be finicky. So we asked floral designers to share tips and tricks for keeping your add-ons extra fresh.

TIP #1

Use varieties that remain hearty without water and that hold up, even through hugs. “Since floral accessories are worn close to the body, your body heat can easily speed up the wilting process,” says Jamie Chang, owner of Mango Muse Events in San Francisco. Florist favorites are ranunculus, carnations, spray roses and greenery such as succulents and eucalyptus.

Floral Fashion Wearable Flowers Wedding

TIP #2

Take detail shots of them earlier in the day. Even the strongest flowers are still fragile, so be sure to take the majority of photos with them on earlier in the day while they’re still fresh and beautiful. “Because once the hugs start coming—usually post-ceremony—your floral accessories will start to feel the additional friction, pressure and heat. And of course, there is gravity at work, and your accessories can fall apart toward the end of the day,” says Chang.

TIP #3

Keep in mind that many inspiration pictures are from styled shoot. “Shoots capture the flower at its best, and it’s used for inspiration for pros and clients. But many times, these blooms won’t last for the entirety of the wedding,” explains Kimberly Sisti of Sisti & Co. in San Diego.

TIP #4

Keep the wearer in mind! Whether it’s you, your partner or VIPs, ensure that the floral accessory doesn’t impede the movement, or comfort, of the person rocking it. “Materials needed to secure the florals and greens in place can sometimes be itchy or bumpy, or scratchy on your skin,” notes Chang. “So, it’s a good idea to request that your floral accessories also be easily removable if you want to take them off for a little while or only wear them for part of the day.”

Floral Fashion Wearable Flowers Wedding

TIP #5

Purchase two pieces, just in case. Because wilting is bound to happen, swap out for a fresh substitute after the ceremony for a renewed look.

TIP #6

Don’t be afraid to fake it! “If there are some blooms that you would like to incorporate into your design, we can add hints of artificial mixed with fresh. No one usually knows, except for the pros!” says Sisti.

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Wearable Flowers Fashion
Wearable Flowers Fashion

Written by Brittny Drye for Love Inc.'s V7 issue | Cover Photo by Wild Native Photography from Rock ‘n' Roll Wedding Inspiration | Second Photo by By Darius Co. from Vogue-Inspired Fashion Editorial | Collage from left, clockwise: Resonance Vision from Boho Wedding With Over-the-Top Florals, Julia Luckett Photography from Von Trapp Family Lodge Wedding Inspiration, Aimee de la Lande Photography from Red Wedding Inspo | Katharine Marchand from Doreen and Dani's Tropical 70s-Themed Brooklyn Wedding | Steph Masat Photography from Retro and Whimsical Wedding Inspiration

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