8 Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas to Steal

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

The support of our loved ones, especially on our wedding day, is something we cherish and hold close to our hearts — priceless and powerful, words of love and encouragement are something every couple wants on their special day, so why not get a little more creative with your guestbook? We have gathered up eight incredibly unique ways your guests can give you their blessing, and you won't be disappointed. Mark my words!


Hand-drawn Illustrations

For one couple, this map of the heavens (on which guests got to draw their own constellations) will always be a wedding day memory that burns bright, outshining the rest of the stars. Work with your stationer (or if you or your partner are graphic designers, create your own!) for a custom illustration that symbolizes your interests. Photo from Chris and Rachel's Star-Themed Wedding, photography by Suzanne Rothmeyer


Message in a (Wine) Bottle

You will be together forever, so what's the rush to read everything at once? Create these wine bottle time capsules for your guests to leave you messages you can crack open on your one year anniversary, two year, five year, 20 year… Photo from Kai and Alisha's Foreign Cinema San Francisco Wedding, photography by Jerry Yoon Photographers 


For the Music Lovers

Are you both musically inclined? Have guests sign your favorite record or instrument. How romantic would it be sitting around your fireplace serenading each other with something signed by all of your wedding guests? Photo from Kaitlyn and Taryn's Music-Themed Wedding, photography by Justine Johnson Photography

For the Globe Trotting Couple

If you and your true love are avid travelers, have your guests leave messages of love (and suggestions for vacation destinations) on a globe! Then, if you can challenge yourselves to visit them all, your life together will be one adventure after another. Photography by Suzuran Photography via Ruffled

Kayle and Dusty Real Wedding Photo by Milton Photography


Your guests can leave their marks on your wedding day in so many ways … and it doesn't just have to be through words. Nothing is more unique than fingerprints, because hey, no one's are the same! Turn your guests' fingerprints into a picture of balloons, flowers, etc. … anything you can hang on the wall in your new home that speaks to you as a couple! Photo from Kayle and Dusty's Homemade Canadian Wedding, photography by Milton Photography

Game Night

Bring out your competitive sides by having your guests sign the pieces of your favorite board game! Not only are games a great activity for a rainy day, but you'll have a blast reminiscing while you kick your lover's butt in Jenga. Photo from Shannon and Shelby's Southern Afternoon Wedding, photography by HMK Photography


Mad Libs

Am I the only one who still laughs hysterically when I do these and read them aloud? This gives your guests the freedom to fill in the blanks of your future … and they can be as mushy (or as raunchy) as they want! Available by Fox and the Gown Etsy for .95 cents each


Have guests sign well wishes on a bench and place at the end of your bed, in your garden or on your patio for a daily reminder of your special day. Photo Lauren Brooks Photography via Kiss My Tulle


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