AV Irvine Wedding

This Wedding Planner Wanted Luxury Sports Cars & Vegas Club Party Vibes for Her Own Wedding

When it's time for the wedding planner to plan their wedding, you know it's going to be epic, and Liz of Lizzy Liz Weddings & Events did not disappoint, producing an over-the-top celebration with her love Tony. 

Liz and Tony met on Match, after Liz noticed Tony’s profile picture was a car that she always wanted to own. “His profile photo caption was ‘If you could name this car, we would be great friends.' I, of course, had to answer, ‘what is an NSX,'” stated the bride. It was that moment that led to their first date and a future of talking about their love for Japanese cars.

Opting for a fun party vibe with a creative touch, they turned to AV Irvine in California to make their wishes come true. With their love of cars bringing them together, the warehouse setting was the perfect space to incorporate Tony’s car into the design. A palette of hot pink, navy, and purple spiced up the industrial style of the venue with voluminous floral designs, a balloon room, and a plethora of lighting all filling the space with uniqueness. 

They wanted the energy of the day to be top-notch throughout; making it more than fitting that songs from Fast & Furious were played during their ceremony — mixing their passion and aesthetic seamlessly.

As for details the couple loved, “Our lion dancers! I’ll find any excuse to hire lion dancers. We filled one of the rooms with over 1,500 balloons by Balloonzilla for our guests — mainly the kids — to run around in and photo opp space. Confetti and laser lights! I wanted Vegas club vibes and we got just that!” stated the pair.

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Wedding Vendors!!


Photography: Redpin Photography

Floral Design: Oceanic Flowers

Venue: [AV] IRVINE

Catering: 24 Carrots

Snacks: Afters Ice Cream

Airstream Photo Booth: Coachella Party

Cake Design: Sweet Traders

Stationery: DTN Tech

Balloon Installation: Balloonzilla

MC: Mitchell De Guzman

Dress Designer: Casablanca

Dress Salon: The White Dress

Dress Designer: Adam Zohar

Pink Suit: Zara

Shoes: Converse

Groom's Suit: Friar Tux

Hair & Makeup: Travis Vu

Dancing Lessons: Bella Ballroom