Family Session by Jenni Marie Photography

Nicole and Jordan’s Sunny Afternoon Family Session

Nicole and Jordan spent a sunny afternoon outside with their two kids, Olivia (6) and Spencer (4), with Jenni Marie Photography behind the lens capturing their carefree play, complete with body climbing, field twirling and giggling kisses.

When Jordan met Nicole two years ago, she took on Nicole's pre-made family as her own. “She fell in love with them as soon as she met them and she decided she wanted to take us as her family,” says Nicole. And it's easy to see in the photos just how natural of a fit it was. “We try to talk things out with the kiddos, to rationalize and have them see everyone deserves compassion and empathy. We also push the issue that there are no boxes. No one has to fit any stereotype. People, nature, anything living is to be treated with respect! And they thrive off of that love, compassion and openness.”

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