From My Heart to Yours: Sharing My Family Holiday Card

I'm really into holiday cards — I love giving them and receiving them. There's just something that fuels the spirit of the season when you see a handful of envelopes in your mailbox wishing you good tidings and cheer. Every year since we started dating, my now-husband and I have produced a holiday card that has a bit of humor to it (or so we try) starring the two of us and our cat, Scout. Our friends and family love it, and it's grown to have quite the reputation, with folks telling us they look forward to what we create each year. 

So this year, with the addition of our daughter Elliott, I've decided to share years past, as well as announce our 2017 card here on the blog. Hope you enjoy, and tell me which one is your fave in the comments below!



This was our very first holiday card together. We had been dating 11 months at this point and this was the first glance for Eric on how extra I was when it comes to holidays. | Photo by Ryan Carville



The Christmas Story is our favorite holiday movie. We watch it every year … in fact, when we were at our families' homes celebrating the Christmas following our first and second dates (before we were even an official couple), we watched it “together” while texting each other, so it always holds a particularly special memory for us. | Photo by Alan Abrams



For our 2013 card, we put an SNL-spin on a popular holiday greeting. | Photo Alexis June Weddings



In 2014, we were in full-on wedding planning mode and moving into a new apartment. Needless to say, this was my way of phoning it in. | Photo by Mikkel Paige



We had just gotten married a few months before, so I felt a chaotic crafting scene was applicable of the past year. | Photo by Kate Neal


I love this one because, at first glance, a lot of our friends were a little disappointed. A formal family portrait? Boring! But I was pregnant at the time, and, upon further review, the pops of pink eventually stood out to them. We were having a girl! | Photo by Kate Alison

And now (drumroll please), introducing the Knight family's 2017 holiday card …

Funny Holiday Card

Jesus beard wig + baby … need I say more? | Hat/wig by JB Squared Design, Photo by Kate Neal



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