23 Cute and Funny Wedding Cards for LGBTQ Soonlyweds

As it becomes increasingly more popular to ship wedding gifts directly to couples through online registries, gift tables at weddings are shrinking in size. But to avoid showing up empty-handed, the wedding card has never been more important! Recently, when I stopped by my local card store to pick up a card for a close friend's wedding, I was struck by the large wedding section that revealed rows and rows of cards offering a variety of congratulatory messages and well wishes. Some are so beautfiul, it was almost a shame to put them in the mail, these choices make for a beautiful accessory to your present. But the overwhelming majority of options were geared toward straight couples — his and hers, bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Meanwhile, the options for LGBTQ soonlyweds were slim.

There were two card options for gay couples and two for lesbian couples out of the 75 wedding cards on the wall. The only other choices for LGBTQ couples were cards with gender neutral messaging and designs. But on such an important day, you shouldn't have to choose something generic — weddings are all about celebrating a relationship, and a wedding card should, too. So while brick and mortar stores might have limited options, there are still many fun and charming card designs online that are perfect for LGBTQ soonlyweds. So we've rounded up 23 of our favorite cute and funny wedding cards that will help you congratulate your LGBTQ friends or family members on their wedding day!a-toast-to-the-grooms-gay-wedding-card

A toast to the grooms wedding card. | via Etsy


Two brides wedding card. | via Etsy


Finally rainbow wedding card. | via Etsy


Bow tie gay wedding card. | via Etsy


Funny gay wedding card. | via Etsy


Mrs. and Mrs. flamingo wedding card | via Etsy


They lived happily ever after wedding card. | via Etsy


Love is love wedding card. | via Etsy


Y'all are so cute | via Etsy


Mrs. and Mrs. wedding card. | via Etsy


Congrats on tying the knot wedding card. | via Etsy


Have the gayest of days wedding card. | via Etsy


Two brides are better than one wedding card. | via Etsy


Avocado wedding card. | via Etsy


Wedding dresses wedding card. | via Etsy


Holy machomony wedding card. | via Etsy


Funny lesbian wedding card. | via Etsy


Sh*t just got real wedding card. | via Etsy


Bride and bride wedding card. | via Etsy


Mad Men-inspired gay wedding card. | via Etsy


Wifey and wifey for lifey wedding card. | via Etsy


Congrats you gays wedding card. | via Etsy


Moped lesbian wedding card. | via Etsy

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