Lesbian Wedding at an Inn

Cozy Winter Inn Wedding That Celebrated a Strong Female Community

For Erika and Megan, their wedding day, which took place at a quaint Massachusetts inn in January, wasn’t just about them. “We wanted a ceremony, and whole wedding experience that captured how important our queer community, family community and strong woman-centric friend group is,” says Erika. “And to remind people that although the day was for us, the celebration was for everyone there, and all the women of the past who could not legitimize their love in the act of marriage. Getting married was a very ‘woke,’ political act for us, and we hope to continue practicing a radical-love approach to queer community, where we open our doors, hearts and minds to forming a strong network of folks who also believe that Love Wins.”

This sense of community was felt throughout their entire year of planning, as friends and family pitched in. Invitations were made by an artist friend with a 100-year-old hand-printing press. Another friend designed and drew the chalkboard signage, and decor pieces were DIY’d with cheesecloths from friends’ kitchens. “The level of excitement from friends and family for the whole year of wedding planning reaffirmed that we were meant to be together, and that our wedding marked and legitimized something incredible, that we both were beyond lucky to find,” says Erika.

Megan’s mother handmade a white lace shawl that went beautifully with her great-grandmother’s silk prom dress from the 1930s. Megan also wore a tulle-and-pearl overskirt handmade by her grandmother and borrowed Erika’s mom’s pearl earrings for the special occasion. Megan’s mother also made a red lace shawl for Erika, who donned a custom-made suit from 9Tailors in Boston.

After a heartfelt ceremony that included the Supreme Court opinion from Obergefell v. Hodges, Megan and Erika entered the reception space to resounding applause. “We weren’t expecting the defining roar and cheering that went up when we walked in–all our friends packed into the tiny space, yelling and clapping! We were taken aback by the sheer joy and pride of everyone there as they cheered us into married life, and how much every detail made everyone feel loved, welcome and proud.”

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Wedding Vendors!!

Photography: Lucy Schultz Photography

Venue: The Inn at Hastings Park

Stationery: Squeezebox Press

Suit: 9 Tailors

Hairstyling: Clementine Hair Studio

Hairstyling: Euphoria Barber Shop

Shoes: Shoe Passion

Cufflinks: cBelle Design

Socks: Bar III

Shoes: Asos

Decor: Knot & Nest Designs

Wedding Ring: Etsy

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