Spring Cleaning Organization Tips

Closet Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Get Your Ass in Gear

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It's officially spring — and finally starting to actually feel like it! — and with a change in seasons comes a motivation to actually streamline our lives. But if you're like me, the task to purge, organize and reset is extremely intimidating, and it's easier to keep putting off the task than actually tackling it (perhaps this is why I'm still living out of boxes three weeks after my move?). 

So, let's get some action items shall we? I've found what really helps is approaching it in small increments — starting with a part of the home that is a project in itself, but not overwhelming. Like closets! Iv'e asked Marty Basher, a home organization expert for ModularClosets.com, to share some tips to help us get started. 

Get Started
Empty them out, decide what you’re keeping and what you’re not and be ruthless with your decisions! Once you’ve cleaned out the various closets, it’s the optimal time to put in place new storage elements that will help you keep your newly cleaned space tidy.

Closet drawers for a tidy appearance
Having some storage in your closet that is closed off from view is ideal! A drawer box creates a very tidy appearance AND gives you the ideal place to store away smaller items and things that don’t need to be hung up. Particle board will warp and fall apart over time: this is one aspect of your closet that will get a lot of wear, so do it right the first time!

Closet Drawer Organization for Spring Cleaning

From socks, underwear, and t-shirts to jewelry and small accessories like sunglasses, drawers in your closet can create those extra spots you need for all those smaller, easier to lose pieces. Figure out what goes in each and make sure you keep them that way!
Corner spaces don’t need to be wasted spaces

Closet Storage Organization Tips

Corners inside a closet are often lost, dark spaces where clothes hide and never return from! They are underused because they’re awkward but there is an easy solution, and it comes in the form of L shaped corner shelves which close that gap between two units. They provide that seamless connection and a ton of otherwise lost storage space!
Hang more and iron less!
As you look at everything you pulled out of your closet, you might find that there are a lot of pieces that you were folding or piling on to a shelf that might hold up better if they were hung up. After all, who wants to spend more time ironing than is absolutely necessary?

Double hanging solutions allow for twice as many pieces to be hung up. After all, how many fancy ball gowns need to go back into your closet? Instead, if you count up your pants, skirts, blouses and nice sweaters, wouldn’t you say that doubling your hanging space would be the right choice instead? You can also then organize by type, color, seasonal wearing or however you prefer, so that what you’re looking for is at the ready and doesn’t need ironing before you pop it on in the morning.
Shoes, glorious shoes!
For many of us, there are a few essentials in life: food, a place to lay our heads and shoes. Your spring clean is a great time to get rid of some of the older models that you don’t wear or that don’t fit. You know, the ones that have been cluttering up the bottom of your closet for the last year?

Shoe Closet Organization

Figure out what you’re keeping and then invest in some glorious adjustable shoe shelves. You’ll always be able to find the other shoe, without rummaging through your closet, and see at a glance what you have and what would look super cute with your outfit!
Spruce up while you clean
There’s no reason why your spring clean can’t come with a little decorating flair. After all, while the closet is empty, you’ve got the perfect opportunity! The great thing about closet organizing systems, like Modular Closets, is that they are open-backed systems. That means that you’ve got wall space you can decorate to flow seamlessly with your bedroom decor. Add a pop of color with paint or some focal interest with textured wallpaper. Whatever you do, give your closet a little pizzazz along with the clean up!

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