7 Tips for Entertaining at Home from True Religion’s Founder Kym Gold

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Fashion veteran and entrepreneurial icon Kym Gold's latest venture is luxury home goods brand Style Union Home. The True Religion founder has created a ceramics collection that is rooted in fashion and equality ( 5% of all sales are donated to their Unity Collection to Black Women for Wellness), featuring heirloom-worthy pieces ranging from pantry organizers to place settings, and even petware

Each piece is handcrafted in Los Angeles and, with most priced under $200, makes for an incredibly special wedding gift. (Yes, they have a gift registry!)

Judging from the incredibly stylish pieces she's designed, Gold knows how to set the scene for memorable entertaining, and has shared tips for couples for pulling off the perfect at-home gathering. 


Tip #1: Be organized with your time and overly prepared. 

“Get  a chef! Just joking … kinda,” says Gold. “But no, I really think being overly prepared EARLY is the best thing to do when hosting. Having someone prepare the food and drinks whether itā€™s a chef or a family member allows you to really enjoy your guests. If a chef is not an option, I recommend having the spread out in the kitchen already done when my guests arrive. No one likes to be in the kitchen cooking when people come in.”

Gold also recommends having the table set, flowers ready, etc., so as soon as everyone walks in they can immediately start to enjoy themselves. “Planning ahead is key. Plan hour by hour and assign roles between you and your partner the way you would plan a work day.” And don't forget to carve out time to get yourself ready. “It sounds not so fun, but in the end, being organized with your time makes a world of a difference. Youā€™ll find you enjoy yourself so much more.”


Tip #2: Have go-to cocktail and food recipes.

“Everybody knows my favorite drink at home is tequila. It's so easy and fun to make a light and fruity drink that everyone will love.”

Gold's go-to cocktail? Tequila with fresh mint from her garden and fruits like oranges, lemons and limes to infuse the drinks. “Using fresh fruits and garnishes takes your cocktails up a notch as far as aesthetics. Your guests will be impressed every time.”

Using a great quality pitcher is a surefire way to appear as youā€™ve put some thought and effort into serving your guests, which is why Gold designed a pitcher called the Ursula. “I get compliments all the time for its unique shape. Items like that really turn your house into a home.”

Tip #3: Have a few conversation-starting games on deck. 

“My husband Marlon and I just got a bunch of card games like ‘Table Topics' and ‘Cards Against Humanity' to spice up the conversation. You literally learn things about everyone in the room that you would have never even thought about because you would have never thought to ask!” says Gold. “I recommend every couple find a few conversation-starting games to make everyone feel connected and entertained. Itā€™s a timeless way to create memories at home.”


Tip #4: Invest in quality serving dishes.

When it comes to entertaining, invest in quality serving dishes. Whether it's a pretty olive oil dispenser or an heirloom serving bowl, high-quality serveware can make even the most basic food look decadent. 


Tip #5: Mix-and-match styles for tabletop.

“When it comes to ambiance, I really believe that beautiful vases for the centerpieces are key. My Jill Candle doubles as a centerpiece. Itā€™s an abstract one that everyone remembers.”

“I love mix-matching unexpected but cohesive pieces. I have these denim placemats that I absolutely LOVE. Together with the disheveled sexy look of the denim and the sophistication of the Jill candle, a memorable ambience is created. My guests get to really have an experience when they walk into my home. Just having fun fabrics and including things that spice the place up and make it yours is what makes people love coming to your space.”


Tip #6: Send guests home with a gift.

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, just a little farewell token can truly close out the perfect evening, and will make it one they won't forget. “I always send my guests home with something. For me, I have a home garden so I like to give my guest roses for a personal touch! They really are perfect gifting.”

Tip #7: Remember to do date night.

When you think about entertaining, don't feel like it always has to include guests. Surprise your partner with a beautiful date night at home. “My husband Marlon has gotten creative and made a designated date night. So on that day, we get dressed up, he cooks and sets it all up. And we just sit there pretending that weā€™re on a real date night outside of the house! He may have a special theme for the night or it may be something simple. I love it. Making space and time in our home for dates has really been great for us.”


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