A Bubble-Filled Family Session at Lock Ridge Park and Furnace Museum

At the Lock Ridge Park and Furnace Museum in Pennsylvania, 2-year-old Mia was chasing bubbles as they floated through the air while her big sister Emma played with a pink tea set in the bright green grass. “Mia is our little fire cracker,” proud mom Danielle says. “She is full of sass and has a mind of her own, and she loves her big sister, Emma, and will imitate every little thing she does.” So it wasn’t long before Mia was joining Emma on the blanket for a special sister tea party in the park. We absolutely love this bubble-filled family session by K. Moss Photography, whose images depict the love between this family of four and capture some sweet moments that Shawn and Danielle will cherish forever.

Shawn and Danielle always dreamed of having children of their own, and it was a dream they started talking about since they started dating in high school. A few months after they tied the knot, their dreams became a reality when they found out they were pregnant with Emma. Three and a half years later, Mia was born, and the two of them share a bond like no other. “Emma is a sweet soul who cares about every little thing,” Danielle says. “She was our shy little girl, but over the last year, she has gained so much confidence. Emma is an amazing big sister. She loves Mia so much and will do anything to help her.” 


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