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A Winery Wedding with a Modern Botanical Theme

After both proposed (Pamela in Iceland and Keimy in Paris — how romantic!), the Florida brides dove into their wedding planning and decided on a modernbotanical theme filled with lush greenery and gold details. Each wore a-line dresses, Keimy in a long-sleeved lace design by Cosmobella and Pamela in an off-the-shoulder dress designed by Maggie Sottero. And while the day-of details were picture-perfect, it was the presence of Pamela’s parents that really completed the day.

“We both agree that the most special moment of our wedding was when Pamela’s parents surprised her at the wedding,” says Keimy. “Since we got engaged her mom had always said that she would never attend the wedding because our relationship goes against her religion. Even with a month left to go until the wedding, Pamela asked her mom one last time if she would consider going to the wedding. Once again her mom said no. With about two weeks to go, Pamela’s mom messaged me on Facebook asking me to give her a call. She expressed to me that she had been having a hard time knowing she hasn’t supported her daughter and wanted to ask my permission if her and Pamela’s father could attend the wedding on short notice. I told her they were absolutely welcome to attend and even suggested to her that they walk her down the aisle and keep the whole thing a surprise until they day-of. This whole time, Pamela’s best friends dad, Pablo, was the one that was going to walk Pamela down the aisle in the absence of her parents. The day of the wedding just as Pamela was about to walk down the aisle with Pablo, her mom tapped her on the shoulder from behind. When Pamela turned around she broke into tears as she saw her mom and dad standing there ready to walk her down the aisle. They overcame their prejudice and decided to celebrate our love with us, even after telling us they wouldn’t be there due to their beliefs. It was beautiful and love truly did overcome it all.”

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