What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite

What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite

Everything you need to know to craft the perfect wedding invitation suite.

An invitation suite is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a reflection of your event’s style and sets the tone for what guests can expect. From the main event invitation to the smallest details like a belly band, each element plays a vital role in conveying information and creating excitement.

Formal Invitation

At the heart of your invitation suite lies the formal invitation. This is where you convey the essential details of your event, including the date, time, ceremony location and reception location. The wording and design should capture the essence of your event and entice guests to attend. Because it’s so easy to forget or overlook details, when drafting this design be sure to look over all the information multiple times. It’s an even better idea to have a second set of eyes review it before printing your final one.

Mailing Envelope

This may seem obvious, but you’ll need to send off your entire invitation suite in a mailing envelope. Most stationery designers will take care of addressing and printing all of the addressees and addresses for you, however be sure to double check the spelling of each name and destination before sending. Also only address the invitation to those invited. For example, if you are inviting an entire family (kids included) you can address it to “The Smith Family.” However if the celebration is adult-only you’ll want to address the envelope to “Mr. & Mrs. John Smith.”


A response (RSVP) card makes it easy for guests to respond to your invitation. Include options for guests to indicate their attendance, along with any additional information you require, such as meal preferences or song requests. There can still be some confusion as to who is all invited to the celebration (and/or if someone can bring a guest), even if you have addressed your mailing envelope correctly. To make sure the recipient understands, you can add a section to your RSVP card specifying how many seats you have reserved in their honor.

RSVP Envelope

To make the responding process even more seamless and easier for your guests, don’t forget to include a pre-addressed and stamped RSVP envelope for them to put their response into. With modern technology, some couples choose to forgo these pieces of the invitation suite and direct all responses to their wedding website. This is an option if you see it is suitable for all guests and works especially well for those that may be in a different country.

Belly Band or Invitation Wrapper

A belly band serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose in your invitation suite. It wraps around the ensemble, keeping all the components neatly together. Choose a design that complements your invitations and adds a touch of elegance to the presentation. This could even be something such as a silk ribbon held with a wax seal to complete the look.

Welcome Party Invitation

For multi-day events or destination celebrations, consider including a separate welcome party invitation. This card provides guests with details about pre-event gatherings, such as welcome dinners or cocktail receptions. It sets the stage for the festivities to come and ensures that guests feel included in all aspects of your celebration. For destination weddings or weekend long events, it’s great to include hotel accommodations and transportation information on these types of cards.

Directions Card

Help your guests find their way to your event venue with a directions card. Include clear and concise directions, along with any relevant information about parking or transportation options. Providing a map or QR code for easy access to GPS directions can be particularly helpful for out-of-town guests.

Accommodation Card

Although optional, including accommodation information in the invitation suite demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration. If your event is out of town or has the option for overnight stays, consider including accommodation information in your invitation suite. Provide details about nearby hotels, bed and breakfasts, or rental properties, along with any special rates or booking codes for guests to use.


Registry or Gift Information

While not necessary, you may want to include registry or gift information in your invitation suite. This can help guide guests in selecting the perfect gift and ensure that you receive items you truly need or want.

Menu Cards

This is definitely not required, but you can consider including menu cards in your invitation suite. These cards provide guests with a preview of the culinary delights they can expect at your event and help them plan accordingly, especially if they have dietary restrictions or preferences.


Don’t forget to budget in postage costs! Before sending off your invitation suite, you’re going to want to head to the post office to get them weighed. This will allow you to see what type of stamp you will need and oftentimes you’ll even be able to choose a design that matches your vibe. Because all postage needs to be canceled when sent to avoid the reuse of stamps, request them to be hand-canceled. This will avoid the look of wavy lines and a disruption to your envelope design prior to delivery to your guests.

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