Top 5 Manly Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

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Skin care can be a life-long battle, and one that can certainly be put off for years. For grooms-to-be facing the struggle of sensitive skin, and have a skin care regimen that consists of a splash of water to the face (guilty), we have a roundup of some of the best moisturizers that will leave you with smooth, hydrated skin that’s free of irritation just in time for the wedding!

  1. Kiehl’s: Facial Fuel This non-oily facial moisturizer is a top pick when it comes to sensitive skin. Enriched with vitamin A and chestnut oil, this moisturizer creates a barrier to protect your skin from the elements. A cooling after-effect leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated, but more importantly blotch-free. Available at Kiehl's for $25
  2. Task Essentials: Skin Feed Hydrating Moisturizer The Bentley of moisturizers, Task Essentials Hydrating Moisturizer does more then just hydrate dry skin, it gently exfoliates. Filled with natural ingredients such as algae extract and oxygen molecules, Task Essentials has found a way to clear dead skin and re-infuse the new layer with moisture without leaving your skin unprotected against irritants like some of the abrasive scrubs on the market. Available at for $52
  3. Malin + Goetz: Replenishing Face Cream A heavy-duty face cream rich in natural botanicals and fatty acids works to restore and rejuvenate the most sensitive of skin types. Working to address damage and aging concerns, this complex formula helps to stimulate cell renewal for brighter, clearer skin. Apply the night before your nuptials for a little added wedding day glow. Available at Malin + Goetz for $72
  4. Clinique M Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Looking for a lightweight smooth-finish moisturizer? Look no further! Clinique offers their Broad Spectrum moisturizer packed with antioxidants to prevent aging and leaves skin smooth and packed with moisture without clogging pores. It also has UVA/UVB protection, which is perfect for daily wear. Available at Clinique for $25
  5. Cetaphil: Moisturizing Cream Back to basics. Cetaphil is a fragrance-free, mild, non-greasy moisturizer that is perfect for the man afraid to even consider that splash of water to the face in the morning. With a special formula that actually attracts water to the skin, Cetaphil is able to replenish the moisture to even the most severe cases of dry skin. Available at for $13.50

By Michael Dougherty


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