Genderless Beauty Brands

5 Brands Breaking Gendered Beauty Barriers

Increasingly more beauty brands are embracing the idea that makeup has no gender.

A quick scroll through social proves that genderless makeup is the future, with beauty influencers of every identity walking their followers through tutorials.

But even with feeds showing inclusivity as so much more than a trend, most brands' marketing efforts are little more than lip service, and the models they feature are still overwhelmingly cisgender and female. So we've pulled together our favorite gender-inclusive beauty brands that not only say they’re for everyone, they’re made for everyone.

Genderless Beauty Brands Uoma

Uoma Beauty

Founded by Nigerian-born beauty industry veteran Sharon Chuter, Uoma Beauty seeks to “re-write the rules of inclusivity.”

*ADD TO CART* Their top product is the Double Take Contour Stick, available in six different shades and infused with hydrating lychee fruit extract.

Genderless Beauty Brands Girlboy Beauty

GirlBoy Beauty

Kimberley Schanzer and Robert Garcia (a self-described “boygirl”) joined forces to create GirlBoy Beauty, an empowering makeup brand for all.

*ADD TO CART* One of their most-loved products is the Singing the Blues mascara, which adds volume along with a fun pop of color.

Genderless Beauty Brands Jessa Blac

Jecca Blac

What began as a trans-affirming makeup studio in London is now a beauty brand with something for everyone.

*ADD TO CART* Their best-seller is the Jecca Blac liquid concealer. This peach-tinted cream can blend with all skin tones to brighten under the eyes.

Genderless Beauty Brands Noto Botanics

Noto Botanics 

Celebrity MUA Gloria Noto’s clean beauty brand is committed to supporting queer and Black lives, with regular donations to organizations like the Okra Project and Black Mama’s Matter Alliance.

*ADD TO CART* Her best-selling deep serum for the face and neck promotes glowing, healthy skin.

Genderless Beauty Brands Dragun Beauty

Dragun Beauty 

Nikita Dragun is an Asian-Hispanic-American influencer who shared her transition and makeup artistry for the world to see on Instagram.

*ADD TO CART* One of the best-sellers from her makeup line is the matte liquid lip in the “Nikita” shade, a pinky mauve color with a subtle vanilla scent.

Written by Kristen Pizzo | Cover photo by Anna Shvets

*This content was originally featured in Love Inc. V8 print issue

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