Wedding Makeup Questions to Ask your Artist

Wedding Day Makeup Q&A

Before booking your wedding makeup artist, get answers to these 12 questions.

1. Are you licensed? Depending on the state you live in, it may not be a requirement to be licensed to practice, though it's often a signal of their level of professionalism.

2. What does your rate include? For your wedding, you'll want to ensure that you're receiving a look that will last the entire day, and this may need to include setting spray or post-ceremony touchups, which aren't always included in a standard application. 

3. Can you travel to my location? Some artists have their own in-studio setup while others travel onsite. There also may be an additional fee for travel. Depending on your preference, be sure to find out their method before signing.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist

4. Do you offer a trial? A test run is always recommended so that you can ensure you're receiving your dream beauty look on your wedding day. If they don't offer it in the package, consider adding it on. (Tip: schedule a trial three to six months before the big day and do it on the same day as your hair trial to see the completed look!)

5. Can I see photographs of your work, with clients of my skin tone? Not everyone is well-versed in every skin tone, so you want to ensure that your artist is a good match for yours (and those in your wedding party!). This also goes for those with mature skin. 

6. Are you able to create my preferred style? While you're looking at their portfolio, take note of the looks—do all of the soonlyweds have ultra-glam looks while you're aiming for more natural? Have a Pinterest board to show them your personal style to ensure they can create it.

Wedding HMUA Tips

7. What brands of products do you use? This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin. And if there's a product you love from your own makeup bag, bring it!

8. Do you clean your tools between clients? Unfortunately, this hygienic item isn't always a given. Not only should all non-disposable brushes be sanitized between clients, but creams, liquids and loose powders should also be dispensed onto a palette to be individually used. And this rules applies for within the same wedding party.

9. What if you're unable to make it on my wedding day? Life happens, but all of your wedding vendors should have a back-up plan in case they're unable to form their contracted duties.

Advice for Wedding HMUA

10. Is gratuity included? Your makeup artist is one of the vendors to whom you're expected to tip, but confirm that the gratuity isn't already written into the payment. Note that it may be line-itemed as a service charge.

11. Can you provide a morning-of schedule? Your makeup artist should provide a timeline based on how many individuals are getting their makeup done. Either you or your planner should cross-check it to ensure that it works with the day-of schedule. For very large wedding parties, a second makeup artist may be required.  

12. Can I see a contract? Nothing is set in stone until a formal contract is signed!

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