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This Influencer Proposed to Her Girlfriend with a Cozy Picnic at a Cabin

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Dreamy and joyful. That’s exactly how we would describe Becca's proposal to her girlfriend, Dee.

As influencers based in Ontario, Canada, Becca developed a months-long plan to surprise Dee with a proposal, months after Dee had proposed to her.

“Dee and I love traveling, romantic getaways and have the ultimate dream of owning a cottage. I knew that I needed to incorporate one of those things into my proposal to her. Since we get reached out to for branded shoots often, I devised a plan to make her think we were modeling for another gig,” states Becca.

She worked with Wood House Muskoka, a relaxing, quaint and utterly romantic setting. The cabin proved to be a cozy, intimate spot with The Little Things Luxury Picnics sprucing up the already beautiful outdoors with the sweetest decor.

“They had the cottage set up for all of our ‘scenes' before we got there,” explains Becca. “We arrived and started modeling for the ‘lover's getaway magazine feature.' I told the photographer to give me a queue for when he had a good angle. During the shoot I got down on one knee and she was so surprised!”

“My immediate thought was ‘Is this part of the photoshoot?' But then I was in shock because I realized I had been tricked so well! Then came my excitement, happiness, and all the emotions in between. I wanted to cry and scream in the best way,” exclaims Dee of her reaction.

While the images showcase their picture-perfect love story, the two share that it wasn’t always easy, but their hardships nonetheless proved they were the one for each other.

“It was a really hard time with my parents during the beginning of our relationship, which made it difficult to see each other. Our version of hanging out became meeting up in parking lots and sitting in our cars because we felt like we had nowhere else to go. I was so scared that the drama with my family would push Becca away. So I wasn’t sure if she would be ready to follow through with moving in together. Despite everything that happened and all the pain she had to go through, she still made the decision to live with me. I had never felt so much love from someone and I knew she was special,” says Dee.

Becca adding “I knew I had a strong connection to Dee from the day I met her. But it took me a while to realize she was the one. The reason for that had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with how much I struggled coming to terms with my sexuality. It felt like something I had battled for so long and was able to ignore to a certain degree. Eight months into dating, we decided it would be best for our mental health if we moved in together. We were having troubles with some key people in our lives accepting our relationship and we knew that it was time to get out. This decision was hard for me, as it would solidify my first gay relationship and fast track my coming out process. I had to decide if my fear of being judged was greater than my love for her. I couldn’t imagine going a day without her by my side. I realized that I’d rather do the thing I was most scared of instead of losing her.”

If you ask us, these two and this moment is nothing short of a fairytale!


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