San Diego Engagement Shoot

Golden Hour San Diego Engagement Shoot With an Incredible Proposal Story

This gorgeous light-filled engagement sesh by Let's Frolic Together takes place in San Diego‘s Hillcrest neighborhood. “One of our first dates was actually on the suspension bridge, and one of our favorite selfie moments,” says Alissa. “When Jasmine, our photographer, suggested the suspension bridge, we both knew that was the spot!”

Maria and Alissa had been together almost two years when Maria popped the question in a perfectly executed plan. “Maria managed to completely surprise me as she put together a “date night” in Balboa Park during the December Nights festival weekend,” says Alissa.

Being a lighting designer, she used her production talent to both create the perfect romantic scene as well as trick Alissa into thinking it was for a private event. “We arrived and met the videographer who was there for this supposed, small wedding, but, again, who was actually there to capture our moment. The videographer even asked for my assistance to set her lighting before the couple arrived, and had me positioned in front of the wishing well to help her adjust her lighting. The wishing well and immediate area was adorned with loosely placed rose petals and lit candles, and definitely created a small intimate and romantic vibe.”

As Maria fine-tuned the lighting for the “small wedding,” she played it calm and collected, answering all of Alissa inquiries with a level of James Bond-worthy smoothness. “When the time came, there was a nod or code word from the videographer, and Maria bent down to plug in the power. Naturally, the response was to look over at her handiwork which was a custom lighted display projected on the back wall of a water feature that read ‘Alissa, will you marry me?”

“I nailed it!” exclaims Maria. “Before the proposal, I was nervous thinking that anything could go wrong, and that the proposal would not wind up being what I envisioned. There were so many moving parts, and so many people involved, and we all nailed it!”

Maria, still on one knee, pulled out the ring, and let her words speak from her heart. “Of course I said yes, but first I laughed. Yes … I laughed …. at my truly well thought-out and intricately planned, fairytale proposal!”

“It is a good thing so much of our relationship is about laughter, I think she forgave me because she showed up on our wedding day, with the same look of love in her eyes as she had when she proposed, the same look I am so lucky to get to see every single day.”

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