Queer Catholic Wedding San Diego

Queer Catholic Wedding in San Diego

The union of Victoria and Bekah in a groundbreaking queer Catholic wedding shows the progress that we've made.

“In a momentous celebration of love and faith, San Diego's Museum of Us's Saint Francis Chapel became the sacred backdrop for Victoria and Bekah’s stunning and rare religious Catholic wedding.

Surrounded by the museum’s cultural treasures, the event was captured in breathtaking detail by the skilled lens of By Darius.

The exchange of vows and rings took place in a manner deeply rooted in tradition. The rings were kept in an antique gold box before being placed on their fingers.

The brides, adorned in dresses from David’s Bridal showcased individuality and elegance in their choice of attire. One bride graced the ceremony in an off-the-shoulder dress paired with stylish converse sneakers. Her partner chose a two-tone dress adorned with exquisite floral applique detailing.

Witnessing a queer Catholic wedding is a testament to the evolving landscape of love and faith; one that has the power to rewrite traditions, open hearts, and foster unity in the most graceful and elegant manner, particularly with the recent announcement from the Vatican allowing priests to bless same-sex couples. “This move by the Vatican represents a shift in a church-wide approach towards the inclusion of LGBTQ Catholics,” sayss aid Kori K. R. Pacyniak, doctoral student, teaching assistant, and associate instructor with the University of California, Riverside's Department for the Study of Religion and Gender and Sexuality Studies Department.

“While it doesn't change the definition of marriage for the church — or allow for same-sex couples to be married in the church — it does allow for priest to bless LGBTQ couples, which is a huge shift from just a few years ago,” they continue. “Looking at this declaration alongside the recent letter stating that transgender people could be baptized and serve as godparents, it seems clear that the Vatican, under Pope Francis' direction, seeks to make sure that LGBTQ Catholics know they have a home within the church and advocates a more compassionate, pastoral approach — a marked contrast to the anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ policies supported by some Catholic leaders in the U.S.”


Wedding Vendors!

Photography: By Darius

Venue: Museum of Us

Shoes: Converse


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