Puerto Rico Microwedding

Puerto Rico Microwedding with Modern Colorblock Design

Kicking tradition to the curb and exposing creativity, we are head over heels for this funky, yet fabulous wedding celebration! Wanting to showcase a wedding outside of the stereotypes, wedding planner, Ana Maria Hernandez from Wonderland, set out to find the best vendors in Puerto Rico for a real wedding giveaway that would be won by a real couple.

“On January 21, 2020, the Wonderland Wedding Giveaway was launched. The intention was to select a unique couple who had a story that needed to be told with a desire to create a wedding outside the stereotypes that are often shown on social media,” says Ana Maria.

With fifty couples and fourteen vendors participating in the giveaway, it was Mariela and Gilberto who won. “They accepted the challenge: the event was already completely designed and coordinated, they just had to surrender and trust the vision of the creative minds in charge of making this magnificent event.”

From the dress, decor, and cake to the flowers, stationery, and more, the entire aesthetic was based on a modern colorblocking design. And it was GORGEOUS. It was the perfect look to set the tone for the uniqueness of the day, all of which included a personalized and heartfelt ceremony, a delectably mouth-watering menu, and an intimate cocktail style celebration.

“The whole experience was a dream! I mean, all these AMAZING, INCREDIBLE vendors gifted us this unique wedding!” exclaimed the bride, Mariela. And we couldn’t agree more!

As for this team of talented vendors, this event turned out to be something more for them too. “[It] turned out to be a glimpse of what weddings will be in the face of the COVID-19 situation: smaller, intimate, shorter events, focused on creativity, experiences, and not traditions or etiquette.” mentioned Ana Maria.

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Wedding Vendors!!

Planner, Producer & Officiant: Wonderland

Photography: Phosphilic

Venue: El Pretexto

Floral and Event Design: STEM Events

Cake Design: Flor de Harina

Stationery & Ceremony Backdrop: LiliWeds

Stylist: Trece

Suit: La Tigre Uomo

Dress: Gustavo Arango

Music: Dúo Trece Lunas

Hair & Makeup: Cheryl Díaz

Hair Accessory: Eva Guadalupe