Oaxaca Mexico Wedding

Oaxaca Mexico Wedding with Beautiful Aztec Ceremonial Details

Jeremy and Brandy's wedding in the beautiful city of Oaxaca, Mexico, was a celebration of love and the quest to reconnect with family roots.

Brandy's deep connection to Oaxaca stems from her family's heritage in the region. Her mother's family hails from Oaxaca, and it was here that Brandy embarked on a poignant journey to rediscover her ancestral roots.

“I went to Oaxaca in 2018 to find my family that my grandma lost touch with and my mother never met,” shares Brandy.  “I was searching for pieces of myself that had gotten lost along the journey to the U.S. Jerr came to visit me while I was there for an extended trip and fell in love with the city, the people the land. It just felt like both of us had come home. We decided we wanted to get married there and have our celebration with family old and new. We hope in our retirement we can eventually live there. It’s so important to keep the culture you have alive in your family. I wanted to have answers for our children when the time comes. It’s really important to me.”

Outside of their Airbnb wedding venue, their union was represented with a water ceremony.

““In some eyes, water and the sun are god. In Aztec culture we have specific deities that aren’t necessarily ‘gods' but the spirits we need to remember and be thankful for. We exchanged water last to give each other life and to be able to accept life from each other. Corn for sustenance to keep us going when things get hard and sustain us when things are good. Honey for the sweetness of life and the sweetness we bring to each other. The honey was infused with magic mushrooms, the medicine of my people … the medicines of Oaxaca. Cacao for the bitterness of life, and to remember things can’t always be sweet.”

The reception design was home-like, featuring family-style tables, wooden chairs adorned with cushions, and a table runner adorned with flowers that replicated the vibrant colors of the flowers on Brandy's shoes. It was a heartwarming atmosphere that welcomed both old and new family members, embodying the sense of belonging and togetherness.

Brandy, a vision of elegance, wore her hair down for the ceremony, and post-celebration, she donned a statement flower hairpiece that perfectly complemented her stunning wedding dress.

This Oaxacan love story is a reminder that weddings can be a bridge to the past and a path to the future.


Wedding Vendors!

Photography: Fender Photography

Venue: AirBnB

Cake Design: Criollo

Planning: Yadira Castañeda

Catering: Origen Oaxaca

Dress Boutique: Amanda's Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Salonyin

Floral Design: Herbõleo

Suit Design: Indochino

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