Lisa and Shane’s Emotional Sunflower Proposal at Sunset

Golden fields blanket the landscape in Dixon, Calif., where rows of tall sunflowers bloom every summer. Shane, knowing Lisa’s affection for the sunflower’s beauty, couldn’t think of a better place to ask Lisa to marry him. With a close eye on the blooms, Shane patiently planned the proposal, which included a picnic basket filled with Lisa’s favorite snacks and champagne, a playlist perfectly timed to play their song as they arrived, and R&E Weddings hiding in the stalks to capture the unforgettable moment. Shane timed it perfectly, and just as they rounded the corner and Lisa caught a glimpse of the picnic waiting for her, the sun was beginning to set, casting a warm glow on the yellow sunflowers. With tears in her eyes as Shane got down on one knee, Lisa said yes! 


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