Colorado Sunrise Mountaintop Proposal

Colorado Sunrise Mountaintop Proposal

To pull off the perfect proposal, Joel surprised Natosha with a roadtrip, and when they crossed into the Colorado border, and further off of the Boulder exit where Natosha is from, her curiosity peaked. “My family lives in Boulder and I do not get to see them often. I begged Joel if we were going anywhere close to Boulder, if we could please stop to say hi. The further into Colorado we got, I started to wonder what was happening. We were getting off the exit where my family lives. I was getting so happy because one, he has no clue where my family lives except Boulder, so I'm thinking we have to be staying in Boulder then. What a coincidence, right?” she laughs.

During their trip, Joel really wanted to see the sunrise from the mountaintop, so Natosha obliged, putting on typical hiking gear while Joel dressed to the nines. “I have been in the mountains, he has not. I know you absolutely do not wear dress shoes climbing rocks. Haha. I stressed to him that will not be a good idea. He was very keen on wearing them so I let it go.”

They found the perfect spot to watch the sunrise at Lost Gulch, Flagstaff Mountain, and as the sky streaked with oranges and purples, Joel got down on one knee. As he presented her with a gorgeous Morganite ring with a rose gold band and halo, he asked, “You know what would be better than a sunrise on a mountain? I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

“I was in love and so happy. This could have not been any perfect. Not the beach not a garden but here, right here at this exact time. It was the best moment that I will cherish forever.”

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Photography: Lucy Shultz Photography

Engagement Ring: Costco