Colorado Mountaintop Proposal

A Proposal and Surprise Engagement Party on Top of a Mountain

During a Valentine's Day trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, Lorena told Farah that they had dinner plans in Denver, about an hour drive away. “Lorena was starting to act a little different, a little nervous for something, which I didn’t understand because she is usually well kept together,” says Farah. As they pulled up 20 minutes later to a mountain, Farah was, unsurprisingly, confused.

Lorena opens her car door and tells her she has two options, to go blindfolded or close her eyes. “I stopped her right there because I had lashes on and couldn’t squish them,” laughs Farah. “I looked up this mountain and it was covered in ice, and I was wearing high heel boots. I laughed and said I couldn’t walk up this hill with ice, with my eyes closed, and wearing a white dress at that. But she assured me I was in safe hands. And in that moment, that was the most secured I felt. Almost when Jack asks Rose in Titanic. Somehow I had a feeling I was about to walk Into a moment that was towards the rest of my life.”

They walk up the mountain and Farah hears violin music playing, and a photographer clicking a camera. And then, she opens her eyes.

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“My heart stopped for a second, the wind blew in the exact direction my anxiety was flowing in, I almost knew what was coming … maybe because I had been hoping for it for so long. I opened my eyes, and there she was, exactly how I imagined. I glanced at my ring and lost my breath. It was more than what I wanted. All I heard from her mouth was ‘Farah' and blacked out the memory,” she says. “I wish I wasn’t in such shock because I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now and here I didn’t remember. Then I heard ‘will you marry me?' and, hysterically sobbing, I said ‘YES!‘”

After the moment, Farah took in her surroundings. A romantic table for two with an elaborate cheese spread and Champagne, a dessert bar, a violinist and a photographer. Wanting to share the news with her twin brother, Farah insisted on FaceTiming him, but Farah had another surprise.

After a quick photoshoot to capture their newly engaged bliss. Lorena had her close her eyes again. “Instantly I smelled my sister-in-law's fragrance. Then I knew my twin was with me. I opened my eyes and my heart was complete. My older brother, twin brother, his wife, my cousin and her boyfriend were all there,” says Farah. “The best way I could have ever been proposed to. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Artani-Olivas.”

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Photography: Jennie Crate Photography

Planning & Design: Privé Events

Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals

Musician: Kevin McPherson