Boat Ride LGBTQ Proposal Washington DC

A Proposal on a Private Boat Ride in Washington D.C.

They say the third time’s a charm and in the case of LeeAnne and Sarah’s proposal story, that couldn’t be more true. After LeeAnne’s attempt to propose in Italy and on a hot air balloon didn’t work out because of COVID followed by windy weather, she came up with another creative idea that was smooth-sailing!

“After crossing off land and air, I had to go with option sea,” LeeAnne says. “I rented a private boat from Boatsetter and a captain who picked us up by the Southwest Waterfront a block away from where we live in Washington, D.C. We got on the boat and started going. Sarah knew what was up because we were at dinner, and I had the biggest smile I’ve ever had on my face. Captain Stu drove us across the river to a nearby dock where Greg, Stu’s other ‘co-captain’ was and that’s where I popped the question.”

A platinum ring from Brilliant Earth was placed on Sarah’s finger as she easily said yes! and photographer Lindsay King beautifully captured the scene as it happened. “Her proposal speech was beautiful,” Sarah recalls thinking of LeeAnne. “We both always make sure to communicate how much we love each other every day, but it is extra special to hear it in the context of your person asking you to spend the rest of your life with them.”

The pair knew almost instantaneously that they were made for another; now completely solidifying their feelings in the best of ways.

Proposal Vendors

Boat Cruise: Boatsetter

Engagement Ring: Brilliant Earth

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