Lakeside Engagement Shoot

Lake Engagement Session at Sunset

The lake has always played a role in both Jack and Gary's lives, before they met and as they fell in love. In fact, the two plan to get married at Georgia‘s Lake Lanier, so it was only fitting to have their love documented in the same location they'd be exchanging vows in a few months time.

They worked with the talented photographer Raven of You Are Raven who explored the grounds with these two lovebirds as they walked through the forest holding hands, kissed on the docks and swapped their slacks for swim trunks for some playful fun in the water!

“Having a Lake Lanier engagement session in addition to marrying there allowed us to explore the venue in a way we wouldn't be able to on the day of the wedding,” says Raven.
“Lake Lanier often has tons of things going on during the weekends, especially during prime wedding season, so shooting there when we knew we'd have the place to ourselves was key! This plan enabled us to go so many more places than we would be able to see on wedding day, and we had a ton of cool places to explore.”

The shots that Raven captured played with the light in the most beautiful of ways, giving a warm love-filled glow to the photos that Gary and Jack are sure to cherish for the rest of their lives.

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