Get Your Pool Fleet on Point With These 10 Pool Floats

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Whether your summer plans consist of a destination bach party or simply relaxing poolside, these fun floats will promise your Insta feed will blow up with likes. 

Jasonwell Unicorn Float: This magical unicorn is sturdy enough to hold two people as it floats majestically through the water. Available on for $29.99

Joyin Giant Peacock Floatā€Ø: Let the colorful peacock feathers act as a pillow as you glide along without a care in the world on this graceful oversized bird. Available on for $39.95

Sun Squad Cactus Pool Float: Stretch out on this cactus in the pool or on the sand. Put your towel on top of it for a comfy tanning solution! Available at Target for $20

 Swimline Lemon And Lime Slices: Add some zest to your pool party with these brightly colored giant citrus float slices. Lemonade optional. Available at Target for $44.99

Giant Taco Float: Sip your margarita and celebrate Taco Tuesday in the pool while reclining on this giant taco! Available at World Market for $12.49

Intex Popsicle Float: This popsicle will never melt no matter what the temperature. Stay cool in the water as you relax on this delicious summer treat. Available at Walmart for $10

CMYK Giant Spider Web Float: This raft-size spider web comes with an adorable and friendly detachable spider float that can be used as a pillow. Available on for $39.99

Swimline Giant Pretzel Float: Be generous and share this carb-free pretzel with up to three people. Available on for $10.64

Koltose by Mash Mermaid Tail Float: Lounge on this float and indulge your inner mermaid to become the mysterious creature of the sea. Available on for $24.45 

Swimline Panda Float: Let this adorable giant panda bear cuddle you as you rest from your pool party fun! Available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $53.99


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