Lesbian Wedding Photographer Atlanta


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After 15 years of photographing weddings, I welcome the little interactions and milestone moments that make your photos feel like yours. More than just anticipating those little flashes of sweetness and hilarity, I create an environment that encourages them. In other words, I'm here to create photos that show you what made you fall head-over-heels in the first place. And to make sure the magic of your wedding day never fades.

I'm inspired by the way iconic film directors use light and color to highlight emotion. And I'll bring that same cinematic perspective to the way I document your day. Together​​​​​​​, we'll create rad photos that look just as joyful and meaningful as your memories feel.

As an inclusive and affirming wedding photographer, I'm all about capturing your relationship exactly as it is. And to ensure you feel comfortable being yourselves, I'll create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that ​​​lets your personality and relationship naturally shine. No pretenses, no masks, no “forced fun” — just pure, unapologetic you. Would you want wedding photos any other way?

Wedding photographs should honor your relationship and highlight your unique connection. More than simple validation, they are a declaration that love knows no boundaries. So, it's important to find a photographer who understands the full scope of your story. Someone who sees both the broader significance and its personal meaning.​​​​​​​ And someone who captures it all through unforgettable photographs.


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