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Anything But Gray Events a full-service wedding planning and design company founded in 2012 serving the Southern California (and beyond). With a focus on colorful, creative, and non-traditional events, we proudly support other local small businesses, the LGBTQ+ community, and The Black Lives Matter movement. Our devotion to showcasing inclusivity, diversity, and love of all shapes, colors, and sizes is evident not only in my weddings and events but also in my vendor partners and associations. Not all weddings have a bride. Not all weddings have a groom. Some have neither, but ALL weddings have LOVE! Founder, Holly Gray, is a second-generation wedding planner, community Builder, creative Storyteller, Technicolor Queen. A former stage manager with a focus on live theater and improvisational comedy productions, she brings a fearlessly theatrical perspective to the events she designs and plans. Known for her use color, creativity, and bold design aesthetics, Anything But Gray Events weddings look and feel as unique and out-of-box as the couples they are crafted for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.: What unique approach does Holly Gray bring to wedding planning in California?

    A.: Holly Gray, the vibrant force behind Anything But Gray Events, brings a unique blend of theater, hospitality, and culinary arts to wedding planning, setting her apart from other planners in Los Angeles. She focuses on creating theatrically immersive and vibrant celebrations that reflect the personalities of non-traditional couples. Hollyā€™s approach is all about tossing out the conventional to embrace the extraordinary, ensuring your wedding is anything but monotonous.

  • Q.: How does Holly Gray incorporate her personal interests into her wedding planning services?

    A.: Holly Gray infuses her passion for color, creativity, and community into every aspect of her wedding planning services. With color guiding her personal and professional life, she creates events that burst with thought, creativity, happiness, and positive energy. Her commitment to community and collaboration, especially with local, woman-owned businesses, underscores her belief in “community over competition,” making her events deeply personal and authentically connected.

  • Q.: How does Holly Gray handle unexpected situations during weddings?

    A.: Holly Gray prides herself on her ability to manage unexpected situations with calm and efficiency. Her approach is proactive; she anticipates potential issues and resolves them before they escalate. Holly humorously notes that the only time you’ll see her run is for an ice cream truck or away from a serial killer, underscoring her commitment to handling surprises with grace. Her superpower lies in her ability to keep the event running smoothly, ensuring that the couple remains in the spotlight, enjoying their day without any stress.

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