Kyrollos and Maryana’s Coney Island Engagement Shoot

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With the help of RM Digital Photography, Kyrollos and Maryana's engagement shoot at Coney Island can be summed up by a flock of colorful balloons, outfit changes, save-the-date props, toes in the sand and tons of energetic love. Taking advantage of the gorgeous colors in the sky at dusk, the couple made their way from Coney Island’s Luna Amusement Park to the beach boardwalk, making sure to stop at the famous Cyclone roller coaster and Deno's Wonder Wheel on the way. “We wanted to have the best of both worlds,” the couple rejoices. “We wanted the beach background, but we also wanted the walk down the street, the rides and all that nice stuff that Coney Island has to offer. It was such a fun day!”

The Love Story

Kyrollos and Maryana dated for a glorious three years before getting engaged. Without a doubt in his mind, Kyrollos knew that Maryana was the woman he was destined to be with. Kyrollos tells his new bride, “I knew you were the one when you knew all my positives and negatives and you still loved me. That is when I knew you were a keeper.”

The Proposal

On March 30, 2013, Maryana was ready to embark on what she thought would be a normal day in Queens, but it was anything but. In fact, it was the most special day of her life. While Maryana was at the nail salon with friends, Kyrollos and his mischievous cohorts were able to set up the steps that led to their magical moment. Maryana's sister was able to set the intricate plan in motion, laying out a beautiful dress on her bed for her to wear during her long and exciting day ahead. A first card directed Maryana and her friends to her favorite dessert place, adorned with pictures of she and her beloved. All the while, Kyrollos and his friends were literally one step ahead, setting up the next surprise.

Thanks to another card containing a clue, Maryana then found herself greeted by an old and dear friend standing under a banner that read “Welcome to Kyrollos and Maryana's Park,” a place she and Kyrollos had been to so many times that she had renamed it as “our park.” The next step led Maryana and her dearest friends to a restaurant in Times Square called The View, where all the girls sat down and enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries, wine and a breathtaking view of New York City.

Lastly, Maryana was presented with a final card — a limo taking her to another park with the view of New York City's skyline. Walking along a trail of red rose petals, she discovered a red carpet covered in white rose petals and tiny candles that escorted her to the edge of the water where Kyrollos was waiting. Kyrollos, gently taking Maryana's hand and looking into her eyes, asked her to marry him. Without a moment of hesitation, Maryana screamed and yelled “yes!” Kyrollos's friends immediately emerged, lit sparklers in hand. “I was shocked! I couldn't believe that he had planned this extravagant day just for me! I was definitely so overwhelmed with all the love I was feeling around me.”

The Ring

Maryana wears a beautiful round cut that boasts a 1.5 diamond with diamonds flanking both sides. “It was definitely one of the best days of my life,” exclaims Maryana. “I just couldn't believe he did all that without me having a clue. I couldn't have imagined a better proposal.”


Wedding Date: April 26, 2015

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