Kyle and Nick’s New York City Engagement Shoot

Nick and Kyle found each other at a very similar time in their lives. “Having both been on many unsuccessful dates previously with guys we’d been chatting to online, we were starting to lose hope in finding the one — especially on the Internet,” Kyle says. Luckily, they were both willing to give it one more shot. After talking for a couple of weeks, they had their first date at the beach where they spent hours walking in the sand getting to know each other. “Our first date was truly magical,” Kyle says. “There was such a spark between us, and we both didn’t want that date to end.” Ever since that first romantic walk on the beach, it was pretty clear that they’d each found their soulmate, something that simply radiates out of their engagement pictures.

Casey Hendrickson Photography captured Nick and Kyle in some of New York City’s most beautiful locations, from Central Park, where the tall leafy trees and chirping birds replace towering buildings and shrill honking, to the lively streets of Midtown and edge of the East River with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges in the background. But in the end, it was Nick and Kyle and their very apparent love that stole the show.View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:

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