Keep the Love Brewing: Tips for Beating the Post-Wedding Blues

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As wedding season comes to a close (and engagement season begins!), that means there are a lot of newlyweds out there — congratulations y'all! As you begin settling into marital bliss, putting away all of those monogrammed registry gifts, you may find yourself feeling a little … sad.

Don't worry, it's not because on a subconscious level you think you made a mistake! Post-wedding blues is a very real thing — after an intense year of planning and an emotional roller coaster of a day, you go back to regular day-to-day and it can feel like there's an emptiness, with nothing to necessarily look forward to.

But with the help of Keurig, we found a real-life newlywed couple who has beaten the blues with a gusto and they have shared their secrets to living happily ever after.

New Jersey newlyweds Ryan and Allie tied the knot on October 25, 2013. The couple, who both work long hours during the week, make sure to find time for their marriage, especially on the weekends. “We wake up early, make a huge pot of coffee and I cook breakfast while Ryan reads the news on his iPad. He tries to help me in the kitchen, but we discovered that the best way to help is by not getting involved,” laughs Allie. “After that, we grab our coffees and take our dog Hudson for a long walk around town. For me, it's the most relaxed day of the week and it's what I most look forward to after working all week.”

They also enjoy entertaining, particularly for brunch which the Keurig 2.0 has made much easier thanks to the new model's extremely convenient ability to brew an entire pot. “I'm constantly inviting my siblings and friends over for Sunday brunch,” says Allie. “I love that I can make more than one cup of coffee at a time with the Keurig 2.0. It's more efficient, it's faster than making a pot of coffee in a traditional machine and I can still use all of my favorite K-Cup flavors and brands. It's also perfect for a small kitchen because I don't need a Keurig and a traditional coffee machine anymore.”

What else keeps this couple's love brewing? Photographer Sofia Negron captured this happy couple and their handsome pup Hudson in their beautifully decorated home (we loved their Christmas spirit!) as they shared eight tips that they swear by and all are easy enough to turn into regular habits.

  1. “We celebrate our anniversary every month on the 25th and alternate who plans a ‘surprise date night,'” says Allie. “It could be as simple as making homemade pizza and drinking wine or getting tickets to a show in the city. It's special to us because we met on the 25th, got engaged on the 25th, moved in together on the 25th, got married on the 25th and it's no coincidence that Christmas is the 25th either!”
  2. “Never stop dating. It may sound cliche but it's true,” notes Ryan. “You can very quickly get comfortable and it's important to keep a little mystery and excitement.”
  3. “We got into a bad habit of constantly being on our phones, iPads, laptops or watching TV at night. At least once a week turn off the electronics and just sit and talk to each other,” Ryan advises.
  4. “Don't stop experiencing new things together. We always try to do something new or different — wine tasting class, weekend trip to somewhere we both haven't been, visit a museum, etc.” — Allie
  5. “Buy flowers, just because.” — Ryan
  6. “Look through your wedding photos and watch your wedding video! I cry every single time. It brings back all of the emotions of the wedding day and still gives me butterflies,” says Allie. “Some people said they never watch their wedding video and it's such a shame, it helps me remember everything I was feeling throughout the day.”
  7. “We push each other outside of our comfort zone. He makes me watch movies I've never wanted to see and I make him travel to places we can't pronounce.”
  8. “We have a lot of inside jokes between us and I never realized how much of a bond it formed for us until recently. Whether it be nicknames or just joking around about things we've experienced together,” adds Allie. “It makes me laugh so hard that I can't breathe and to me, that's a magical marriage.”
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