Image for These Grooms Married In the Same Tiny Grand Teton Chapel His Parents Married In

These Grooms Married In the Same Tiny Grand Teton Chapel His Parents Married In

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Even though Geoff and Scott were living in Seattle, it was important to Geoff that they get married in the same tiny Grand Tetons chapel that his parents married 31 years earlier. To pull off the destination wedding as smoothly as possible, they relied heavily on their friends and family, allowing so many loved ones to have a special hand in their celebration. “Destination weddings have their own special brand of intimacy and love,” says their photographer, Alex of Alexandra Knight Photography. “The extra work involved with planning pays off in the most rewarding way. Those that you hold closest to your heart make the trip without hesitation, and the nature of making a journey to celebrate your love and relationship makes the whole wedding feel that much more special.”

Geoff and Scott were actually the first same-gendered couple to marry in the chapel, which was built in 1925. With the magnificent Grand Tetons in the background, Alex captured their love and they strolled through the surrounding meadow. After exchanging vows, they headed to a charming old schoolhouse-turned-community center to celebrate.

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