Where States Stand in Marriage Equality

freedom-to-marry-infographicHas your head been spinning with all of this marriage equality momentum that's been happening over the last several weeks? Ours, too! We couldn't be more excited about the strides that have been made thanks to circuit rulings and we figured you might need a quick brush-up on which states recognize same-sex marriages

Alabama: Anti-marriage amendment

Alaska: Freedom to Marry

Arizona: Freedom to Marry

Arkansas: Pro-marriage ruling pending

California: Freedom to Marry

Colorado: Freedom to Marry

Connecticut: Freedom to Marry

Delaware: Freedom to Marry

District of Columbia: Freedom to Marry

Florida: Pro-marriage ruling pending

Georgia: Anti-marriage amendment

Hawaii: Freedom to Marry

Idaho: Freedom to Marry

Illinois: Freedom to Marry

Indiana: Freedom to Marry

Iowa: Freedom to Marry

Kansas: Freedom to Marry

Kentucky: Pro-marriage ruling reversed

Louisiana: Pro-marriage ruling pending

Maine: Freedom to Marry

Maryland: Freedom to Marry

Massachusetts: Freedom to Marry

Michigan: Pro-marriage ruling reversed

Minnesota: Freedom to Marry

Mississippi: Anti-marriage amendment

Missouri: Recognized in some counties and respects marriages from other states; Pro-marriage ruling pending

Montana: Freedom to Marry

Nebraska: Anti-marriage amendment

Nevada: Freedom to Marry

New Hampshire: Freedom to Marry

New Jersey: Freedom to Marry

New Mexico: Freedom to Marry

New York: Freedom to Marry

North Carolina: Freedom to Marry

North Dakota: Anti-marriage amendment

Ohio: Pro-marriage ruling reversed

Oklahoma: Freedom to Marry

Oregon: Freedom to Marry

Pennsylvania: Freedom to Marry

Rhode Island: Freedom to Marry

South Carolina: Freedom to Marry

South Dakota: Anti-marriage amendment

Tennessee: Pro-marriage ruling reversed

Texas: Pro-marriage ruling pending

Utah: Freedom to Marry

Vermont: Freedom to Marry

Virginia: Freedom to Marry

Washington: Freedom to Marry

West Virginia: Freedom to Marry

Wisconsin: Freedom to Marry

Wyoming: Freedom to Marry

Tell us, where does your state stand?