Diamonds: Preface to Purchasing

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Diamonds are one of lifeā€™s luxuries that we crave and desire to own and wear. In past generations, only royalty adorned diamonds on their crowns and clothing. Though we have come a long way in cutting and enhancing a diamondā€™s beauty from the first diamonds used in jewelry, they are still considered a rarity and an expensive purchase.

This upcoming five-part series is intended to educate not only why diamonds are so valuable, but how they get graded and what to look for to ease their cost on our wallet. These facts are important to know when shopping for, or caring for, your diamond.

While most information on diamonds is textbook, diamonds are hardly ever typical textbook material. Since no two diamonds are alike, it is important to understand that diamonds characteristics have wide ranges. It is within these ranges, that you can find affordable diamonds that meet almost every budget.


Diamonds are graded on the four Cs: Carat (weight), Color, Cut and Clarity. Each diamond has a grade in each of these groups, however it is the way the four grades interact with each other that give a diamond its unique look, beauty and price.

My goal is not just to teach about each characteristic, but also to shed light on where to ask the right questions and where to possibly save on your budget. Every couple searching for diamonds will seek different things and different preferences. It is perfectly okay for one couple to consider compromise in color for example, while another couple may decide compromise on size works best for them. Even to those who donā€™t believe in compromise at all, savings are always to be found somewhere.

I hope that by the end of this series on the Four Cs you will have a better understanding of how to seek out the right diamond (or diamonds) for you and your partner.


New York-based jewelry designer Rony Tennenbaum has 25 years of experience in jewelry design and manufacturing. His line of same-sex engagement and wedding rings launched in 2008 with much success. Discovering his fashion-forward designs were liked by hetero couples as well as same-sex couples has encouraged Tennenbaum to continue developing jewelry for an inclusive audience. He is committed to helping couples translate their sentiments of commitment into meaningful elegant and classic, gender-neutral, environmentally friendly and American-made rings symbolizing their unique love. To learn more about Rony Tennenbaum and his work, visit


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