Angela and Sophie’s Sunny California Lake Engagement Shoot

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True love has a way of showing itself and sticking around, even when the timing isn't ideal. For Angela and Sophie, nothing could keep them away from one another once they felt that connection between their hearts. Miki Vargas Photography, as always, does a stunning job of capturing the love that these two share for one another in these engagement photos taken at the breathtaking Carson Falls, Calif. But what Miki really has a knack for is giving us a glimpse into how this couple's love glistens and shines brighter than that hot California sun.

The Love Story

Angela and Sophie had their first meeting in the fall of 2011 after they had messaged one another on OkCupid. They dated briefly and felt an immediate connection, but because they were at two different places in their lives, that “perfect time” for them had not yet come. Two years later, after both gorgeous ladies ended longterm relationships, Angela reconnected with Sophie, once again asking her on a date. “In all honesty, when Angela and I dated that first time back in 2011, I remember thinking, ‘This is it, she is the one.' She took me on a first date to Pika Pika, a Japanese photobooth place in Japantown,” an enthralled Sophie shares with us. “We had so much fun. There was something about how comfortable she made me feel and how we could effortlessly laugh together that was like nothing I had ever felt before. After we both moved in different directions, I somehow knew that we would eventually reconnect when the timing was right. The second time we dated, I was scared shitless of Angela because I knew we had something real that I couldn't hide from.”

The Proposal

Before their engagement on an inconspicuous Thursday evening in December of 2014, the two lovebirds had dated for nine months. “There was never a doubt in our minds. Once we fell in love, we both felt in our hearts that we would be together forever,” the soon-to-be brides tell us. For Angela, the place where she would propose to Sophie was perfectly obvious: the one and only Pika Pika, where they had shared that first, telling date back in 2011. “I had put Pika Pika on my calendar, but she found out because our Google Calendars are linked. Opps! Regardless, she was still excited,” Angela relays. “Work that day was rough. I could not concentrate to save my life — all I could think about was what I was going to say and how I was going to execute the most important moment of my life to date.” A distressed Sophie met Angela at Pika Pika after a 12+ hour long day at work, completely frazzled. “Angela's uncanny ability to make me feel calm when everything else seems so hectic will never cease to amaze me,” Sophie relishes about her true love.

After some sake bombs to loosen up and relieve the stress of the work day, Angela and Sophie made a beeline for the photobooth. “I was ready to get silly and told her it was time to go take some pictures. We approached the counter to purchase our picture package and Sophie looked at me with this playful, sly and slightly relieved look in her eye, heaving a sigh as she said ‘Oh babe, I totally thought you were going to propose today!' I grabbed her hand, pulled her toward me and jumped into the nearest booth. Christmas-themed shots were the first to come. We were all smiles and Sophie was easing into the fun of the date. Flashbacks of our first date at Pika Pika went through my mind and a warm feeling filled my heart. We moved on to the second photobooth and I told her I had some fun props in my pocket we should use. We began looking into the camera smiling and being silly, when I pulled a letter with post cards from my pocket and placed them in Sophie's hands. I instructed her to read each one individually while the camera kept flashing. The last cards of the message stated ‘Will you marry me?' Sophie froze at ‘will' with her hand over her mouth and tears in her eyes. I urged her to keep going as she flipped through the rest of the message, and that is when I got down on one knee, ring in hand and asked her to be my wife. We embraced with smiles in our eyes and hearts. It was the most surreal feeling I have ever experienced.”

The Ring

“Sophie's ring is a Veragio from the Insignia Collection. It is a three-stone, white gold princess cut. I love the way it looks on her finger,” Angela gushes. “I had been scoping the ring for months and love the intricacies and delicate design of Veragio. Plus, Eddie at Padis Jewelers provided me with a great experience.”

“Angela's ring is a Farrer Jacott, a Swiss Designer with a modern edge. It has infinity round brilliant cut diamonds around the circumference of the ring. I love this ring because it had the perfect balance of what I knew Angela would like,” Sophie shares with love and pride.


Wedding Date: August 2016


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