Janine and Daniel’s Romantic Christmas Engagement Session


Sweethearts Janine and Daniel may have met in an nontraditional way, but what bonded them together is classically Canadian. The two met on an online dating site, but really hit it off with each other on the night of an important hockey game — the Vancouver Canucks helped bring these two together with their shared favorite player and love of the sport. Janine and Daniel, who are getting married next June, decided on a Christmas engagement session set in the beautiful, snowy small town where they had gone on their second date. Shot by Brooklyn D Photography, this romantic engagement session is enough to make you want to grab your loved one and take a walk around your own twinkling town. So grab a cup of cocoa and dive in.

The Love Story

Their love story starts online. With the coaxing of a friend, Janine signed up for online dating. “I filled out my profile extremely honestly so that way if I met someone, they knew exactly what they were in for! I didnā€™t have a picture up just for security reasons, and also because I wanted to see if someone would actually respond without one,” explains the bride-to-be. “Once my information was in, Daniel was at the very top of my matches. He had so many points throughout his profile that matched exactly my views and lets be honest … he was easy on the eyes, too!”

He responded with enthusiasm and a date was made. The day the soon-to-be-couple decided to meet for the first time, the Canucks happened to be playing an important playoff game that very night. Since neither Janine nor Daniel wanted to miss the game, they ended up watching it together … and showed up to the pub they were meeting at in the exact same jersey! “If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what was!” laughs Janine.

The Proposal

Three and a half years into the relationship, Daniel was planning to pop the question during a trip to New York City. With Janine completely unaware of his motives, she surprised him with tickets to a football game which completely threw off his proposal plans. Plan B was set in motion for an early morning stroll in Central Park their first day. “When you travel the night before and youā€™re still on BC time…thereā€™s no getting this girl up early!” laughs Janine. Third time's a charm, right?

“His back up plan was going to be at the restaurant that he hand-picked with a beautiful boardwalk, however, I managed to mess that up, too. When we got in the cab our driver said that it was far from our hotel and would cost $100. So like any practical girl would, I got out of the cab and told Dan that we can find something closer. Plan shattered!”

“We arrive at a quaint restaurant close by and decided to order white wine and they bring out a huge floor-standing wine chiller which went right between our seats. He could no longer go down on one knee without being super awkward about it. He finally decided to roll with it and the moment he saw me caught off guard he brought the ring out and asked me if I will live the rest of my life with him.”

Well the man is persistent, that's for sure!

The Ring

Janine's ring is a yellow gold Tacori ring with a one carat rounded diamond sitting in the center, cushioned by smaller diamonds for a delicately vintage look. “There are little diamonds that go down the band on the sides and finish just before the ring wraps to the back of my finger. On the back, thereā€™s a little diamond just to give another special touch to it. When you look at the ring from the sides it almost has a royalty look to it with so much detail building itā€™s way up to the center diamond. Itā€™s beautiful … he completely nailed it.”

The Location

Fort Langley is where the couple had their first date, so revisiting the spot for their engagement photo session was nostalgic and sweet. The wintry landscape provides gorgeous, Christmas-y photos, complete with snow on railroad tracks and a Frank Capra-esque small town. They channeled their second meeting together, a coffee date, as they took their pictures and strolled around the town.

Wedding Date: June 20, 2015


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